Why Try Vegan right now?

  • Can I raise my kids Vegan?

    This is a common worry for a lot for people - both vegans and non-vegans, whether a vegan lifestyle is suitable for children. In this blog, we break down the facts which clearly highlight that all that's needed is a well planned diet (which is the case even with a non-vegan diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle). Besides health, there are a lot of other factors which also tilt the favor of raising kids vegan. Read on to know more.
  • Helping you discover Sustainable ideas on women’s hygiene

    Women's hygiene is one of those subjects which are rarely talked about, especially in India. It'a taboo in most places. The silver lining though is that as people are becoming educated and aware, discussions are slowly increasing. More and more products are coming up making accessibility easier. However, this also coming at a cost to the environment as most Sanitary products are not bio-degradable or eco-friendly.
  • Discover the cruelty behind that glass of milk

    Milk is an integral part of our lives in India. But have we ever looked beyond that glass of Milk ? How exactly do we get this milk and milk products on our tables? Why do the cows produce milk (is it for us ?) How are these cow treated? Is this moral ? Are cows really "Happy Cows"? Is the Milk Industry crueltyfree? Let's dig deeper.
  • Vitamin B12 – why the fuss about it?

    Are you transitioning to a plant-based diet? Then, it is imperative that you have a fair understanding, on what kind of micro-nutrients and macro nutrients, your body needs. Most of the complex Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are given to you by the bountiful nature. You just carefully choose and pick foods that can give you a better lifestyle. For a plant-based transitioning, it is important you learn the importance of an important B Complex Capsule.

  • How to transition from a Non-Vegan diet to a Vegan diet

    Well, transitioning from a non-vegan diet to a vegan diet might seem like a dramatic or an extreme move. But with the current upsurge of rising trends on veganism, this should not be a hassle at all. You may want to transition to a vegan based diet. But, where do you start? You must get your basics right. Read on to how simple it can really be !!

  • Why Try Vegan in 2019

    One of the common statements / excuses / arguments from most people is “Hey, I could never eat vegan food” or “I could never buy a product from a vegan store” and so many other clichés. However, what people fail to realize is, Veganism is NOT a diet, it’s simply a way of Life. Veganism simply means choosing a compassionate option to lead our life in a way as practicable as possible. Veganism isn’t about drastically changing your lifestyle, it simply means we lead our lives the same way albeit by making smarter, friendlier choices.
  • Environment Friendly Shopping at Vvegano

    ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY SHOPPING FROM VVEGANO! Hello All, Have you ever thought of an online platform that works not for their profit, but for the environment? Yes, you heard that right. It’s Vvegano, a Mumbai, India based online store which sells only the environmentally positive products which we need for our daily use. It’s an umbrella for the sellers with a similar theme and that would make them pretty unique.
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