Is obesity linked to meat consumption?

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If you have a look at it, obesity is definitely linked to excessive forms of meat consumption. You would want to have chicken nuggets, Chicken wings, fried meats, hamburgers, hot dogs, roasted pork and barbecued steak and a sumptuous burger that contains beef in its grounded form. We will have a deeper insight into how the foods are processed. This way, you will get a clearer picture on how obesity can be linked to meat consumption. So, let us get started with the same:

How are meats processed at food joints like KFC or McDonalds?

If you look at it, most of the processed meats contain layers of greased oil, spices, herbs, MSG, Salt, and ajinomoto to get you the delectable flavor you are looking for. Again these are ingredients that add up to cholesterol and some of them are carcinogenic. Say for instance, that MSG that is added to Chicken noodles to enhance the preservative shelf life of the product is an ingredient that can promote stomach or bowel cancer in the longer run. 

As said before, you will add barbecue hamburgers or steaks, fried chicken nuggets, and greasy steak. All these are processed meat forms that contain tones of harmful triglycerides, and cholesterol that adds up to fat deposits or layers of fats inside your body’s muscles or tissues. 

What do studies reveal?

According to Dr. Deborah Wilson, obesity is one of the major causes for premature or untimely death across the United States of America. Teenage obesity is also a pressing concern among developed countries of the world. She has just revealed through her findings that Americans are getting fatter and fatter, as a matter of fact. 

About 2/3 rds of Americans who switch over to healthier diets, gain back as much weight as they were before, when they slip-fall on their diet regime, back and forth. The yo-yo effect of weight loss and weight gain impacts the body more adversely than those of them who do not try at all. Studies also reveal that when you go overboard on meat consumption, eventually you develop heart diseases too. The arteries or veins that carry blood and oxygen to your heart get thoroughly clogged. Undigested meat pieces or foreign invaders block the airways and passages that supply blood or oxygen to your heart. We hear of teenagers dying while they gobble up their food at McDonalds or KFC. 

Again, meat consumption leads to adulterated accumulation of bad fatty acids that impact the functioning of your lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. And being obese or morbidly obese is nothing uncommon when you gorge on hamburgers or cheese laden pizzas or the regular beef stuffed burgers you get from fast food outlets. So, what is your choice going to be? Going plant-based is the best thing you can do for your health. 

Healthy plant-based replacements

As is always said, when you think you are avoiding something or omitting a particular variety of food, you would obviously feel depressed and dejected about your eating habits. On the other hand, when you include varieties of food, you feel happy or elated. And, that is how human psychology eventually works. Hence, to remove obesity, try going for a morning walk or a jog. A brisk 30 minute or 40 minute run helps your lungs or heart receive fresh supply of oxygen.

You can have an avocado milk shake as a pre-work out supplement. You can also do aerobics, cardio or Zumba, for about 40-45 minutes or so. Then, take a fresh salad by adding vegan cheeses or mayo to it. This way, you feel energized. Take cups of water post every meal. Then, you can start having breakfast. 

Poha, upma, idli-dosa or even stuffed parathas are protein rich breakfast options that are completely vegan and can be healthier breakfast options too. Likewise, have a veggie salad, plant-based curd raita, gravy, rotis, and rice. This way, you can make way for a sumptuous meal or lunch option. For dinner, you can have vegetable sandwiches and freshly brewed juices and hit bed. This way, your tummy will never go hungry. By eating the right type of food, you can eventually reduce your body weight. The energy or glucose is evenly distributed to parts of your body. Your body’s blood circulation improvises. And you will experience several more health benefits.

Concluding lines:

To summarize, I have included pointers on how meat consumption leads to obesity or health issues in the longer run. Healthy replacing meal options that are plant-based have also been discussed to you at length. 

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