A delightful recipe for Soy Yogurt

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You can aim for a thick and a creamy yogurt without making use of a yogurt maker indeed. You require simple ingredients to get started. This way, you would never require the need for a store-bought yogurt again. Here are a few important considerations you look for to getting a perfect consistency on a home-made soy yogurt.

Choosing the milk

You must use a perfect home-made soy milk to get the recipe started. You don’t have additives or preservatives that a store made milk would have. For vegan lovers, who go for store-made ones, you also discover a gummy consistency that is added to the same. As a shelf product would contain gums, preservatives, or additives to enhance the shelf life of the product. Therefore, when you want your plant-based yoghurt to be devoid of any kind of chemicals or preservatives, go in for a home-made plant milk. And, not a store bought one!

Look for the type of temperature you must set the milk in

For a perfect recipe of yogurt, you must set the milk at the right temperature indeed. At the room temperature, the optimal standard is 42 degree Celsius or 102-degree Fahrenheit. You should necessarily keep the right temperature for the probiotic delicacy to set in. This is mainly because you don’t want the friendly bacteria to die. Make sure, you drip dry your hands clean before you dip your fingers to check if the yogurt has set well or not.

Few indicators on starters

Say, if you have already made a plant-based yogurt before, it is better you save 120 ml of yogurt for the next batch. This way, you have the perfect starter to make further quantities of home-based yogurt. Are you making a plant-based yogurt for the very first time? Then, you can use vegan starters. Like, say, probiotic capsules. This would be live or cultured bacteria that allow the milk to set into curd or yogurt. We are going to add flavors and sweeteners so that you have the perfect recipe for a plant-based yogurt.

Starting with the recipe now!


  • 1 liter of home-made soy milk


  • Probiotic capsules or left-over yoghrt- for the starter


  • Vegan flavors


  • Plant-based sweeteners- preferably maple syrups or apple-honey. You can use powdered brown sugar too


  • Diced strawberries, nuts, bananas, and avocados


Method of preparation

  1. Are you using your microwave oven for incubation? Then pre-heat the milk at the lowest temperature. You can have the microwave oven on, for about 5-7 minutes.
  2. Else, you can use a saucepan and bring the milk to a boil.
  3. Turn off the milk. Allow the same to set at a room temperature not exceeding 42 degree Celsius or 102-degree Fahrenheit.
  4. Now, open the probiotic capsules. If you have a powdered starter pack, you can open the sachets and mix it with water or plant-based milk. You can add sweeteners, flavors too to the cooled down soy milk.
  5. Allow the milk to set into yogurt. This happens when you allow it to set for about 6-7 hours.
  6. Refrigerate the yogurt for about 4 hours.
  7. Garnish the same using slices of strawberries, avocados, or nuts.


Your very own home-made soy yogurt is now ready for use. You can flaunt your culinary skills among friends, relatives and known acquaintances. You can use the yogurt over ice-creams, smoothies, and sandwich wraps. Flavored yogurts go well with tortillas too. So, if you are organizing parties, home made yogurts can go well with the list of party delicacies you plan to prep up. Happy cooking. Do try this very own home-made soy yogurt recipe at home and share your feedback on the comment’s section.

Ideas taken from: https://veganlovlie.com/

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