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Do you want to make your world a plastic free one? If you want the world to change, you need to be the change yourself. This way, you can set a wonderful example on how you would want others to be. Dumping plastic across roads, sewers, landfills, gardens and oceans degrades the quality of life. Plastic is something that takes millions of years to dis-integrate itself. It can adversely impact marine animals who consume them. Plastic wastes impair the fertility of the soil. Above all, abandoned dairy animals consume plastic wastes instead of grazing on grasslands. Here are few tips and ideas on how you can make this world filled with a little less Plastic!

Carry your own shopping bags

Have you even seen your departmental store guy hand over those plastic bags to you? This should be a strict no-no. You can use your very own re-usable shopping bags. You get lovely jute bags or canvas totes. These are bio-degradable in nature.

Cotton bags too come to you in a variety of lovely designs and shades. You can have jute handbags or lovely cotton purses instead of leather. You can have canvas shopping bags that provide durability. These are multi-purpose bags you carry for clothing, groceries and even electronics.  

Yes - it's as simple as buying a cloth bag ONCE - check out our Reusable Shopping Bags collection.

Stash away those bottled water cans

Plastic water cans use tremendous amount of water. While these are also non-biodegradable in nature, Plastic can also leech chemicals into water. Aluminum water cans also contain a chemical component called epoxy resin. The ingredient can leech into water. And these can eventually lead to respiratory problems, gall bladder issues and kidney-related ailments in the long run. Wooden water bottles or stainless-steel flasks are eco-friendly to carry your very own water everywhere you go. Try our Copper Water Bottle and Bamboo Mug from The Happy Turtle to help you make the change just like that !

Eco-friendly spoons, cutlery and jars

You can get spoons and jars made from clay. You can try carrying your very own wooden chop sticks while you hit out at restaurants. This way, you enjoy spill-free sessions of pasta. You can enjoy your spicy noodles too. You can take glass jars filled with lemonade, apple juices or orange. You can buy wonderful patterns on wooden tiffin boxes while carrying snacks, biscuits or cookies. This way, you put an end to using plastic spoons, cutlery or cans. You can also store your kitchen supplies using glass jars. These include wheat, grains, pulses, chips, cookies, etc.

Choose from among a wide range of 100% Plastic-free products ranging from spoons, knives, forks, mugs, plates and many more from the Plastic Free Cutlery collection at Vvegano.

Re-usable drinking straws

Many firms have started designing straws made from bamboo or banana leaves. You can also carry stainless steel spoons to take fruit salad chunks. You can order for fancy bamboo or banana mesh straws from online stores. Never use plastic straws at commercial fruit juice centers. Purchase our reusable Ecofriendly Straws from The Happy Turtle, SuckIn Straws and Goli Soda.

Effective waste-management

Try stashing away your wastes or garbage in paper bags. You can use card-board boxes to stash out old toys. Never use plastic garbage bags while you intend disposing your waste products. Keep a separate bin for food wastes. A bin must be ear-marked for glass cans. You can keep another bin for plastic covers, sheets, etc. Find recycling machines where you can re-cycle plastic wastes. This way, you will never bring garbage wastes to the landfills or open grounds. You can also collect fruit and vegetable peels. Keep them under soil. These serve as exotic composites for you to take up gardening on an all-new high.

Check out our discussion with Richa Malik, founder of The Happy Turtle to learn more about waste management and many more simple pointers on how to lead a more ecofriendly and sustainable lifestyle, by making simple switches and some conscious choices.


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Check out our discussion with Richa Malik, the founder of The Happy Turtle, which is working hard to help people move away from plastic as much as possible, especially single use plastics. She speaks about so many simple solutions we conveniently ignore such as - using home made toothpastes. - avoiding plastic bags for garbage. Throw dry waste directly and use paper liner for wet waste. - use shampoo bars instead of shampoo bottles. - avoid straws completely. why were they invented in the first place ?? - carry your own bags to the supermarket. carry a small bag always. you never know when you'll need to buy something. - avoid shiny plastic as it can never be recycled. Transparent plastics can be recycled, but make sure to cut them from the borders and not tear them apart like our founder @clivegan.4.the.planet as that can create problems for recycling. - Google for any recycling organizations in your area and hand over any recyclable materials. - Tetra packs are NOT recyclable. don't fall for the signs on the package. - avoid buying fruits and vegetables wrapped in plastic. Nature does not create them with a plastic wrapping. - Buy plastic packaged items only only only if there is no other option. @vveganostore @thehappyturtleindia #plasticfreejuly #plasticfree #saynotoplastic #plasticpollution #sustainable #ecofriendly.

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Wine bottles

Shop for wine bottles that use glass containers. You can take your very own wooden cork-stoppers for the same.

Shop from a farm produce

You can buy fresh carrots, tomatoes, avocados, cherries and strawberries from a local farm produce. The organic farms never line up their fruits or veggies in plastic sheets. This way, the freshness of fruits or vegetables can be long lasting too. They sprinkle fresh rose water or tap water to keep the fruits or vegetables fresher for long. You can use your shopping bags while you purchase them. You can also suggest to the floor manager to give away cloth bags instead of plastic.

Shop for eco-friendly cosmetic products

Place suggestions with your favorite cosmetics dealer. Whether you shop for cosmetic products via online stores or via a brick and mortar establishment, the rule holds good. You must specifically ask for cosmetics poured out into glass jars with wooden cork stoppers. And you can specifically carry them in paper bags instead of plastic.

These cover end to end aspects on how one can lead a plastic free life (well, almost!). You can set a very good example amongst your neighborhood or living communities and thus make a bigger impact by inspiring others to do the same. Transitioning to a plastic free world can cleanse up rivers, oceans, landfills and the environment. Plastic degradation is causing havoc to human beings, animals and marine eco-systems. It is high time, each one of us aim for a plastic-free lifestyle. Even if it's not possible to go 100% Plastic Free, go for it as much as possible, and you will eventually figure out how to do things better.  

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