Exclusive tips for you to work at home during COVID-19

Work from Home - COVID

No one would have ever imagined that our lives would go topsy turvy in 2020. The Coronavirus has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. While the killer virus has claimed the lives of 6 lakh people across the globe via a zoonotic virus believed to have originated when a slaughter-house worker cut open a pangolin in Wuhan causing the global epidemic. The virus is highly contagious as we already know. Humans are therefore confined to their homes and necessarily wear facemasks while venturing outside their homes. Quite a lot of us are getting accustomed to the new normal. With lockdown measures imposed by several countries to contain the virus, schools, colleges, and corporate offices remain shut. Employees are asked to work from home.

With kids, husbands and their spouses staying at home, how hard is it to maintain a perfect work-life balance? This online guide comprises of neatly charted out tips and ideas for you to work at home during the present situation. Here we go discussing things in depth:

Be well-dressed

Just because you work from home, that does not imply that you must stay in your pyjamas all day long. Keeping yourself well-dressed can give you the confidence to carry on with your work activities in a neat manner. You are also able to maintain the line between staying at home and working for a company. Says ‘Heather Yurovsky, the founder and coach of Shatter and Shine, keeping yourself well-dressed makes you feel natural. Above all, you feel human.

You can wake up early, take a shower, have your breakfast, and get dressed to work. You can also apply your daily make-up if you want to. After all, you may not go out to work, but you cannot assume that no one is going to see you while you are at work. You may have your fellow-colleagues or boss, looking at you via video conference or live call meetings.

Designate a separate space at your home

You can allocate a separate workspace while you decide to perform your office work at home. This way, you can create a healthy balance between the office and your home. Are you the kind of person who hits the punch card at office at 8 am every morning? Then, you can re-create a similar atmosphere at your home too.

Says Lynn Berger, the career coach at Muse, you must always create a workspace that is as separate as your home-living conditions. This way, you set the right kind of tone towards working in a different space after all. Here are few enticing tips on how you re-create the perfect ambience to work while you do it from home:

  • You must invest money on a comfortable chair. As you would be sitting on it, for eight hours at a stretch. You can also include a few decorations atop.
  • You can look for a workspace where you find natural light penetrating too. You can choose your own garden area to work on. This way, you get fresh light or oxygen penetrating through. You also get a beautiful outdoor space to work on your laptop. For those of you who prefer using computer desktops, choose a corner that is airy. You can set up the work area near the living room where you have glass windows fitted. Keep your rooms well-ventilated and airy all through the day.
  • Make sure, you choose to close all tabs and programs once you are done for the day. This way, your laptop opens faster, the next day.

  • Don't shy away from putting on your favorite Deodorants. Smell great, even if you're just at home ! 

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  • We're all guilty of snacking too much since we're always at home. However, it would be a smart move to replace the Unhealthy snacking habits, with some Healthy snacks. Check out the Snacks and Seeds collection at Vvegano
  • Instead of aerated drinks or alcohol, make a habit to drink more Herbal Teas

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Set aside clear working hours

You must clearly draw boundaries between your work and personal life. Keep specific hours of work and wind up for the day. This way, you will have enough time to complete your household chores, as well. You can achieve maximum hours of employee-productive work when you stick to your regular office hours. This way, you can return to your office life once a typical lockdown ends and you get back to work. If you find yourself taking up a collaborative profile, stick to the hours your co-workers log in. This way, you can always keep yourself available to answer queries of workers or your downline employees.

You must hold yourself highly accountable and motivate yourself to perform better. Only then, will you achieve the necessary discipline. You must communicate with your family members well in advance. You must inform them of your work-related duties. Gently ask your children not to disturb you while you are at work. Once you call it a day, as far as switching off that laptop of yours, you must pay your undivided attention to people staying at home. This way, you put up serious work at office and take care of your family members at home.

  • Make sure to keep a fixed time for sleep and keep your phone away to avoid any distractions. You can try our Sound Sleep Pack to counter any stress at work

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  • Stay active and work on improving your Immunity as well as immunity of your family

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  • Exercise as regularly as possible, and if you are looking for supplements, opt for more natural and plant based Supplements and Ayurvedic products to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Build transitions in and out of work

You spend hours commuting to office from your home in the morning. You may listen to music or read a story on your kindle app. This way, you establish the right tone to gear yourself up over a hectic day at office. Similarly, when you return from home, you think of responsibilities you handle next day at office.

You can consider a similar kind of a transitional buffer while you decide working from home for the time-being. You can take your dog out for a walk or give your pet a good massage or a shower if it's too hot - Check out this Pet Care collection. You can spend quality moments with your loved one. You can play music on the piano. Or even paint your canvas with colorful hues. This way, you decompress your mind from unnecessary distractions or tensions. You can remain your perfect best as the Managing Director of the company and still make your kids feel loved end of the day. Juggling between professional work and house-hold chores is an art by itself.

Do not allow room for too much of distractions

When you stay at home and work for the company, it is most likely you get distracted. Kids can come running to you asking you to prepare them their cookies. Your maid may walk in and walk out of the house. You may have delivery guys handing out courier parcels. You may get constant news updates with respect to COVID 19. When you allow yourself to get distracted, your work productivity may take a massive hit.

It is all right to take a few breaks while you are constantly working on your laptop. At the same time, you cannot allow your work-focus to get dissipated. How do you ideally tackle the situation? Just like how you hit an AUX button on the phone kept for you at office, you can select timers on your mobile phone. Or keep an alarm timer handy. It is all right if you choose putting a bucket of Laundry into your washing machine. But make sure, that chore does not eat up much of your time. If you get into an anxiety syndrome listening to news updates, turn off your notifications on the mobile phone. You can return to the news item post 5 pm.

Communication is the key to success

To create a natural flow of work while you are in office, things happen through the course. But when you plan to perform work activities remotely, things can take a different dimension all together. You must be ready to take a U-turn or bump if you are made to juggle between work and home. This may be the first time you are working remotely. Eventually with a little bit of practice, you will get used to the momentum.

You must communicate to your manager if you would log in a little late. You can compensate for the loss of morning hours by working a bit late into the evening. Staggered shifts are what remote work life is all about. Suddenly you have your elder daughter complaining of a tooth ache in which case you may have to take her to the dentist next morning at 9 am. How will you handle the situation? You can inform about the change of meeting hours during the previous day evening. Else, you can have someone else take the kid to her dentist. Communicating on change of plans or working hours can go a long way in keeping people informed about your whereabouts. You can send send emails detailing the situation. Either ways, you must communicate well in advance. You can also talk to your boss or co-workers via a video chat.

Online socializing helps

During the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, you may feel a little isolated working all alone at home. Do not allow this loneliness to freak you out. Reach out to your co-workers via Zoom, Skype or even Google hang outs. Live stream sessions so that you get to meet one another.


These are the top 7 tips on how you can work from home during Coronavirus. All of us must get accustomed to the new normal. This can be a challenging ride ahead. Hence, stay geared up to stay on top of the game. You can also consume a healthy diet to keep up your energy levels.

Ideas taken from: https://www.themuse.com/advice/coronavirus-work-from-home-tips 

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