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Sustainable Menstruation 

Women's hygiene is one of those subjects which are rarely talked about, especially in India. It'a taboo in most places. The silver lining though is that as people are becoming educated and aware, discussions are slowly increasing. More and more products are coming up making accessibility easier. However, this also coming at a cost to the environment as most Sanitary products are not bio-degradable or eco-friendly. It is roughly estimated that, more than 20 billion sanitary pads and tampons, are disposed into landfills, year after year. That's a huge number, isn't it? These sanitary pads are laced with chlorinated plastic. It can take, thousands of years (or more), for the soil to decompose these.

Let's look at some of the more eco-friendly and reusable products which can make women choose sustainable menstrual products:

Look out for Eco-friendly tampons

Look for companies that design tampons and pads in an eco-friendly manner. Are you fond of tampons? If yes, you can go in for tampons that are designed in an eco-friendly manner. Some of the companies, design tampons using 100% organic products. You find that the organic cotton tampons are free from added dyes, fragrances or plastic materials. You can also consider the option of going in for an applicator-free product. Else, look for tampons that are laced with card-board applicators. You need to look for sanitary pads or tampons without the plastic bags. Once your monthly periods are done, you can look for ways and means, of having them disposed in a sustainable manner.

Menstrual cups

Going in for menstrual cups can be a fascinating experience indeed. Do you have heavy flow periods? Then menstrual cups are the ideal cost saving solution too. You will initially have to figure out what your cup sizes are. In order to do this, you need to put the cup on, across your vagina. You can do so, while you shower. As you are already aware of, each woman’s body is different. You need to consider three things before you decide on the ideal fit for menstrual cups. These include:

  1. height of your cervix 
  2. your age and
  3. your lifestyle.

In order to stay more comfortable, you can also trim the stem of the cup. Once, you have secured your menstrual cup in, all you got to do is, give it a neat spin. In other words, you just tuck your vagina inside the menstrual cup. You need to ensure that the cup is open and is safely sealed across your vaginal walls. Check out to look for Menstrual cups to make that switch. NariYari SochGreen  and Boondh are leading the way. Boondh cups come in a wide range of colours such as Fuschia, Mauve, Red Tint, Teal, Trans and Yellow.

Sustainable Menstrual cups by NariYari and SochGreen

Re-usable pads and undies

You can go in for re-usable sanitary pads and undies. You have advanced technology that brings a new range of health care products almost every day.

Look for sanitary pads that come to you with breathable fabrics. You also have new-wicking and absorbent fabrics with which the disposable pads are made of. This way, you can enjoy leak-free period days. You can feel dry all the time. You need to check for leak-proof and re-usable sanitary pads.

Bikini liners and sanitary undies can also provide your body with a seamless experience. You can buy re-usable packs of pads or undies, after having their absorbency levels checked. If not, you need to look for easy return policies that can help you get the product exchanged. This is with respect to the size, fit and absorbency level, you are looking for. As said before, each woman’s body, shape and size are different. So is, every girl’s monthly periods. Check out Eco Femme products to make the switch.


You can mix and match disposable tampons, pads and menstrual cups. When you have heavier flow days, you can use your preferred pad or tampon. For a comfort overnight, you can switch over to a more sustainable range of pads or undies. Look for the above stated sustainable options on sanitary pads/tampons to care for the environment you live in.

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