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Vegan, Cruelty-free, sustainable products all in one place. We do the research on the ingredients to make sure you don't have to keep checking labels.

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Emkay Lite Interesterified Veg Fat. (Vegan Ghee)
  • From Rs. 120.00


Dr. Vaidya's Herbocleanse Plus | Liquid Hand Sanitizer | 200 ml X 2 Bottle
  • Rs. 200.00
  • Rs. 170.00
Cocoa Powder
  • Rs. 200.00
Emkay Instant Soy Milk Powder
  • Rs. 200.00
Cacao Nibs for baking and cooking - Pure Cacao / Cocoa - Natural, Nutritionally Dense, Plant Based - 175 g
  • From Rs. 300.00
  • From Rs. 180.00
Natural Fruit & Veggie Foam Wash (500ml)
  • Rs. 249.00
STAY. PRO. ACTIVE. (60 Capsules)
  • From Rs. 749.00

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Even in these difficult times, our vendors are making every attempt to make their products available to you!

Pristine Organics
Dr. Vaidya's
Vegan Foods
BubbleNut Wash
Commbuchas by MAVI
Udyan Tea
Jus Amazin
Nari Yari
Karma Milk
Earthy Sapo
Jus Trufs
Emkay Vegan Coconut Based Interesterified Veg Fat Vegan Ghee
Emkay Food Products
Sihi Chocolaterie
Wholesome Habits Private Limited
The Happy Turtle
To Be Honest
All Good Taste
Flex Protein
Liv In Nature
Fruit Forest

Build your Immunity

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Natural Omega 3 for Your Wellness (60 Caps) + FREE Hand Sanitizer
  • Rs. 610.00
  • Rs. 499.00


RESPI SAFE for Lung Immunity (60 Caps)
  • Rs. 600.00
  • Rs. 540.00

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Dr. Vaidya's - No Stress Pack
  • Rs. 675.00


Dr. Vaidya's No Pain Pack | Ayurvedic Medicine for Pain Relief | Rumox (50 Gm x 1 Bottle), Nirgundi Oil (200 Ml x 1 Bottle), Sandhivati (24 Pills x 3 Packets), Shardardaghna (24 Pills x 3 Packets)
  • Rs. 1,225.00
  • Rs. 1,105.00
STAY. PRO. ACTIVE. (60 Capsules)
  • From Rs. 749.00

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Dr. Vaidya's - Daily Ayurvedic Pack
  • Rs. 585.00
YUVA-FIT for Daily Fitness (120 Capsules)
  • From Rs. 1,199.00
Dr. Vaidya's - Migraine Pack
  • Rs. 1,350.00

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The product range is amazing. Very happy with the products. Delivery was very quick. Value for money and eco friendly and cruelty free products. Way to go⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yogi Mastii

Products from Vvegano are highly commendable. Great quality, crueltyfree, organic. great idea and concept

Lokesh Hinduja

Great product range, awesome service, super quality and reasonable price. All this done in an environmental conscious and ethical manner. Highly recommended.

Kudos to team Vvegano✌️!

Sameer Seth

Best website for online shopping

Lalit Dua

The best place to shop ethical and vegan !! Kudos Vvegano !

Vaibhav Maheshwari

Purchased a few items from them. I must say, the quality is upto the mark. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Nirav Thakker

It's an online store with a cause...The product range is cruelty free,ethical ,organic and environment friendly .Kudos to the concept and the passion behind it.

Tracy JD

Very good products, good service, never thought i would be using vegan products, but its worth it. 👌👍

Zubin Patel