Sustainable masks in this Pandemic

Cloth Masks, Sustainable Masks, COVID, Safety, Hygiene

As a matter of fact, it is not possible for us to remain locked up inside our homes 24/7. Are you parents nursing toddlers? You must visit stores or malls to get your groceries. Would you want to seek a clutter-free study module to catch up with your child’s syllabus? Yes, you must run down the jig to his/her school. Few companies ask their employees to work minimum shifts. Apart from the front-line workers like doctors or policemen, commoners are also required to hit down the lanes. To ensure you stay safe and keep your family secure, you must adhere to the prescribed safety regulations. You are therefore encouraged to wear face masks once outside your homes.

Helping you discover vital info on sustainable masks:

Where is it mandatory to wear one?

Quite a lot of places are opening for the people to venture into. Be it corporate offices, schools, colleges, Govt. buildings, Metro rail, etc. The economy must thrive after all. We cannot stay on a ‘lock-down’ mode forever. Public transport, enclosed spaces and confined offices may not pave ample scope for you to maintain social distancing. Hence, it becomes necessary for you to don a mask for longer hours of time. This is where you look for masks that are made responsibly. Plus, you want them sustainable too. You can look for washable or reusable masks that are made from eco-friendly materials.

Reusable Cloth Masks: 3-Layered, Pleated (Pack of 5)

Cloth Masks, Sustainable Masks, COVID, Safety, Hygiene

Going in with designer brands or handmade?

While going in for your sustainable masks, this is yet another consideration you take into account. A quick online search can throw up thousands of options on brands that specialize themselves into designing masks. Some brands focus on deriving maximum amount of profits by clamping masks in huge volumes. Nevertheless, the safety of workers, who design them, are put into a comprising position. This is often the case with fast moving fashion brands. You must ask yourself how the masks were made? Were they designed by factories that meet up the welfare standards of workers who manufacture the same? In other words, while the masks are designed for you, are the designers treated fairly? Then, you must pay to those brands who ensure your safety as well as the safety of garment workers who design the same.

Reusable Cloth Masks: 3-Layered, Pleated Tie Up (Pack of 5)

Cloth Masks, Sustainable Masks, COVID, Safety, Hygiene

A couple of designs for you to look

Vvegano is an online store that brings a whole lot of cruelty-free products right there at your doorstep. You have branded varieties on sustainable masks sold by the store too. Click on the Cloth Mask Collection to check out Sustainable cloth masks that gives your persona a completely urban look too. The Happy Turtle is the brand to look out for. You can get a pack of 5 reusable masks that have three layers and look pleated. The material is made from cloth and is 100% plastic free. The prices are affordable from your wallet strings too.

The second variety refers to tie-up masks. These are layered, pleated and gives you an upbeat appearance. While the third variety on masks sold out by Vegano refers to contour-shaped masks. With these masks, you get a complete fit matching the contours of your face. Plus, the elderly persons can feel breathable wearing each one of them.

Reusable Cloth Masks: 3-Layered, Contour Shape (Pack of 5)

Cloth Masks, Sustainable Masks, COVID, Safety, Hygiene

Why say no to plastic disposable masks?

Disposable masks are meant for a one time use only. Most of them contain plastic fritters indeed. Sadly, from the landfills near hospitals or other vulnerable COVID affected zones, these plastic masks are dumped into wells, rivers, lakes, or even oceans. The surrounding water bodies can get severely contaminated when you dump these one-time use masks. You may find more of plastic masks than jellyfishes in oceans. The Mediterranean Sea, in its influx, has 33,800 plastic products dumped into it every single minute. Statistical info as confirmed by This is the main reason why you must bid farewell to one-time disposable masks. Always make sure to choose eco-friendly or sustainable masks to fight the pandemic.

Concluding Pitch

You have seen varied aspects on how sustainable masks are good for us and for the planet. After all, we only have one Earth to live in. Hence, we must follow all the guidelines or precautions to leave the planet for the future generations too.

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