Avail store specials for Veganuary- Part 2

Finely ground savory and salty Parmesan cheese powder

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Let us discover a few more products that cover the month of Veganuary. Helping you get started with the same:

Meethi Box Celebration Sweets- Box Type C

In this sweet box, you will get a different variety of sweets all together. You get kaju cigars, mango mava rolls, pista burfis, besan burfis, chocolate paan rolls, etc. This is another variety of sweet box from what we had seen in the previous one. You get these sweet boxes as 350 gm packs and 750 gm packs respectively. Grab the description link from the store right away:


Mavi’s SauerKraut

Here is a different product for you to have a look into. SauerKraut is a fermented version of blue and green cabbage, beetroot, carrot, garlic and Himalayan Black Salt. You can make a variety of European cuisines using this particular staple. The product has probiotic enzymes and when you add it to your food ingredients, it can aid your body in the process of digestion. The Mavi’s SauerKraut is overloaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 that can provide your body with a whole lot of benefits. Here are different ways in which you can use SauerKraut:

  1. You can use the concoction as a probiotic accompaniment.
  2. Just like pickle, you can use this as a side dish for the main course meal
  3. You can use it as a topping over chips or toast
  4. You can fry Noodles or rice using SauerKraut
  5. You can add this pivotal ingredient to soups, salad mixes and sandwiches

If you want to avail this ultra-versatile product, place your orders from the store right away. Here goes the description link in lieu of the same:


Plant-based Chicken Patty from Blue Tribe

The plant-based Chicken burger patty tastes exactly like chicken. The patty is made from the goodness of soy extracts and plant-based condiments, as a matter of fact. This is a mock-meat snack special that is cruelty-free and planet-friendly too. Avail the pack to enjoy your evenings with family and friends. Grab the description link for the product right away:


Notch up butter spread

As a transitioning vegan, have you yearned for a cheese spread or a butter spread that is dairy-free? Your quest for having those yummylicious sandwiches using ‘Notch Up butter spread’ comes to an end. Made from the goodness of coconut oil and cashew, you get a dairy-free thick creamy layer to add on to sandwiches, pancakes and for soups too. You can also use the butter spread for frying, sauteing and baking. Above all the product is pocket friendly for you to afford the same. Grab your description link from the store right away:


Mavi’s Beetroot Carrot SauerKraut

Mavi’s Beetroot Carrot SauerKraut is a delectable accompaniment that is rich in beta carotenes and healthy antioxidants in their purest forms. This particular SauerKraut is exclusively made from beetroots as well as carrots. Hence, the product is cabbage-free. 

The SauerKraut aids you through the process of digestion and at the same time, provides your body with Vitamin B12 and C. When you add the beet-carrot SauerKraut as a daily-meal accompaniment, your skin and face can literally glow up. The product is rich in probiotics too. Women, especially those who face fluctuating thyroid levels can use the product regularly. Get the store link right away:


Homecraft Cashew Parmesan Cheese sprinkles

This is a cashew Parmesan cheese sprinkles that can be used as a topping on popcorn, pasta, pizza, french fries, salads, etc. You get that cheesy effect when you add the product upon the mentioned food items. The Parmesan cashew sprinkle powder is exclusively made from cashew, nutritional yeast flakes, garlic powder, mixed herbs and Himalayan rock salt. Get this super-versatile product before it runs out of stock. Sharing the store link for you to place orders immediately:



We will have a look at other plant-based substitutes in the next segment of Veganuary specials. Till then, stay tuned!

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