Vitamin B12 – why the fuss about it?

Vitamin B12 


Are you transitioning to a plant-based diet? Then, it is imperative that you have a fair understanding, on what kind of micro-nutrients and macro nutrients, your body needs. Most of the complex Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are given to you by the bountiful nature. You just carefully choose and pick foods that can give you a better lifestyle. For a plant-based transitioning, it is important you learn the importance of an important B Complex Capsule.

Helping you understand what Vitamin B 12 is,

Know-how of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a rich protein synthesizer that is derived from micro-organisms that live under the soil. Grazing animals like cows, sheep and goats consume grass from under the soil’s crust. This is how, these farm-based animals get their dose of Vitamin B12. The B Complex Vitamin gets stored into their bodies. Again, untreated water is the richest source of Vitamin B12. Fishes and other sea-animals get an adequate dose of this pivotal Vitamin. Hence, when humans consume animal-derived products, they get an adequate dose of B12.

But food scientists have also derived vegan based B12 by allowing the protein rich bacteria synthesize this, via lab-controlled conditions. Seaweed can also create exotic variants of Vitamin B12. You bridge the gap between what you find in animal-derived products and the plant based. Therefore, vegans consume B12 supplements.

Good to know facts

You may find this hard to believe. But here goes the fact. Even non-vegans can have trouble synthesizing or breaking down this pivotal vitamin. Hence, nutritionists strictly advocate all of us, beyond the age of 50, to consume B12 supplements. You get the vitamin via capsules or fortified foods.

Importance of Vitamin B12

Why do you think there is so much of a debate concerning Vitamin B12? There are 4 important reasons as to why you potentially need B12.

  1. To produce newer blood cells or RBC’s.
  2. To protect your central nervous system
  3. To Synthesize your DNA
  4. To provide the body with ample energy throughout the day.


Dietary recommendations for Vitamin B12

An average adult requires 2.4 micro grams of Vitamin B12 per day. For pregnant ladies, the dietary recommendation is 2.8 mcg. Children may need up to 1.8 mcg per day. This requirement keeps changing as their age advances.

Vegan foods that are rich sources of Vitamin B12

Vegans can find quite a lot of foods that are rich sources of Vitamin B12. These include fortified cereals, plant-based milks and nutritional yeast too. You need to make sure, that the said product, contains an additional dose of B12. You can do this by checking on the packaging or by looking at the outer-cover contents.

You can buy nutritional yeast, that are made available, by leading food labels. You can add this to your soups, bread toasts, cheese crumbles and lots more. The best part about B12 is that, this vitamin gets stored in our bodies for almost 5 years. But you need not wait that long to start supplementing. Serious deficiencies of B12 can lead to hearing loss, nerve damage, dementia, muscle cramps, etc.

Certain things you need to take care off

If you are taking a dosage or a supplementary intake of a Vitamin B12, you can take it either in the form of spray syrups or capsules. If you take Vitamin B12 capsule less often, you must make sure that the dosage is of a higher capacity. You can take a 1000 mcg tablet every day. If you take a 2000 mcg tablet, you can take this on a weekly basis.

You can log on to You get a lovely array of products to help you transition from a non-vegan or vegetarian to a completely vegan lifestyle. You can also go for oral sprays from leading brands.

What happens if you take extra quantities of B12?

You need not consider taking a little extra B12. The adequate B12 gets absorbed by your body’s blood cells. While the excess is washed off, via urination or pooping. This is a water-soluble vitamin after all. Hence, don’t be afraid to take too much. You can’t overdose on B12!

What is your take on other vitamins?

Excepting B12, you get all other vitamins and minerals power-packed in a fully vegan meal. You need to plan a meal that is extra nourishing for women, men and children. Pregnant ladies need to take an extra effort to make the meal more appetizing for the mom and the fetus. You can have a free talk with your dietician on how your meal is going to be. You need to pay attention to Calcium, Omega-3, Iodine, Iron, Calcium and Zinc while planning your diet. You can talk to your dietician or a reputed health-care professional for tips and ideas on how to add new vegan vitamins, to your diet.

You therefore have a through understanding on what is B12. You have a clearer overview on how it synthesizes. And on how you can add to a more balanced diet!

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