Ideas to boost your immunity naturally

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It is quite natural that we take our body’s immune system for granted. However, with the heightened risk of infection spread around, especially that of the latest CoVid19, we cannot afford to stay complacent either. We have ancient therapies brought to us via our very own Ayurveda. By digging into these age-old traditions, we will definitely discover plenty of information. As a matter of fact, the primary focus of Ayurveda has always been to cure diseases from their roots. It does not merely rely upon momentary or temporary suppression of ailments, the way English medicine does.

Here are 5 exclusive ideas on how to boost your immunity naturally:

Get enough sleep

If you wake up feeling sleepy or dull, it simply indicates, you have not had enough sleep during the day. On the contrary, when you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning, then it means your body has rested well. In other words, you have had enough sleep for the day. Research suggests that young children up until 16 years of age must necessarily have 8-10 hours of sound sleep. While adults can have about 8-10 hours of sleep at nights.

Sleep deprivation increases your stress or cortisol levels manifold. This can eventually lead to the impaired functioning of the T cell. When does sleep deprivation arise? When you unduly keep worrying over one thing or the other. Worrying over your problems does not bring immediate solutions to your grievances. You tend to build up anxiety or mental depression in the process. To get effective solutions to your ongoing problems, you must try letting them free. Here are pointers on how you can improve the quality of your sleep:

  • Doing Yoga or meditation can leave your mind and body stress-free or healthy. You remain fresh and energetic. While you tend to focus on issues that are of a higher priority. When your focus or concentration levels improve, you get a fabulous clarity of mind. This way, you tend to take better decisions in life. Also, you can achieve an incredibly good sleep during nights.
  • You must eat lighter food during evenings or nights. When you eat a saturated meal during the wee hours of the night, it can have a terrible impact on the digestive systems of your body. Including a plant-based diet can have an exceptional effect on your health or sleeping patterns.
  • Avoid digital screens, artificial lighting, and other simulating effects an hour before your sleep-time.
  • Follow strict adherences to sleeping schedules. An hour of meditation just before the onset of your sleep can calm your mind and prepare you to sleep.

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Discover stressbusters

Increased anxiety or stress levels can lead to trigger of cortisol levels in the body. This way, your body becomes prone to quite a number of disorders, infections, or health-ailments. Your lymphocyte levels or happiness quotient reduces. Again, stress levels can lead to reduced immunity. How does this happen? You tend to binge on high calorie diets like chips, ice-creams, burgers, and pizzas. You get a sugar rush or an energy overload. Binge food habit is one of the primary reasons for people to develop Type 2 Diabetes. Here are pointers on how you can discover stressbusters:

  • The CoVid infections are at their peak. You tend to feel isolated or depressed as you are trapped indoors. To combat the negative effects of the same, develop stress busters. You can dance for a Zumba music session after switching on the TV. You can play with your kids. Else, you can try hands-on to making your favorite dish. A stress buster can be anything to relax your body, mind, and soul.
  • You can perform Yoga asanas or meditation just before you want to hit on the bed. You should have had your meal at least two hours before-hand.

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  • Try using Ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi and Ashwagandha.

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For a natural immunity buster, try hands-on to Immunity boosters are a must-have for those of you who are unable to calm or soothe your minds, no matter what you do.

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Quit drinking and smoking

Unhealthy social habits can also weaken your body’s immunity like none other. Cigarettes use a higher dosage of nicotine and tobacco that can severely impact the healthy functioning of lungs. Alcohol consumption can also cause irreversible damages to your liver. Therefore, consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking to drugs can severely impact your immune system. The body loses its capacity to fighting infections, diseases, or viruses. Hence, your body becomes susceptible to developing several air-borne diseases too. Alcohol consumption can lead you with reduced lymphocyte levels or lower RBC’s. You also get a reduced macrophage response, soon after intoxication. To stay healthy and fit, kick the butt and say goodbye to alcohol.

Get smarter when it comes to eating

For building increased immunity, you must develop good eating habits. Going plant-based or going for a vegan diet can work wonders on your health and body metabolism. You can include a fresh dose of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. Amla or citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and sweet lemons are excellent sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a pivotal element to keep your body off colds, cough, and sinuses. You can consume a glass of lemon juice in hot water the moment you wake up in the morning. Similarly, you can have a glass of orange juice instead of tea or coffee. Dairy products contain growth stimulators or hormones that are fed to cattle. These bovine creatures suffer undue stress when we keep them under the milking process for their entire lives. When the animals, physically are not capable of producing milk anymore, the animals are set to slaughter. If you want to reduce cruelty done to animals, you can go for dairy free milk or curds.

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A proper vegan diet can give you all the proteins, vitamins, and minerals your body requires for building a robust immune system indeed. You can include whole grains like nuts, pulses, legumes, and seeds as a part of your diet too. You can get enough protein and minerals when you take a balanced meal. Hence adopting to a plant-based eating can be a great choice to build your health. To maintain personal hygiene, it is highly recommended that you wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before use.

Stay physically fit

To build a natural immunity, you must stay healthy or fit. You can take to physical activity every day in the morning. It can be a brisk walk or jog for at least 45 minutes every day. For homemakers or those of you who are house bound, you can perform exercises at your home too. You can take up swimming or cardio too for physical fitness. This way, you improve the metabolism of your body. And therefore, you facilitate your body towards building a healthier immunity.


These are the top 5 ways by which you can improve your body’s immunity naturally. You must stay fit and healthy to perform your day to day chores hassle-free. To take care of your family or loved ones, you need a better health for yourself. Taking care of yourself can help you take care of others too. Hence, stay healthy and fit. Keep your energy levels brimming high.

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