Your Kidneys Vs Consumption of Meat

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In this segment covering ‘health corner’, I am going to outline the complications that can arise to your kidneys upon consumption of red meat, poultry meat and eggs. Yes, it is a fact that your kidneys can get impacted due to consumption of meat, dairy and eggs. Let us have a deeper insight with respect to the same:

How can meat consumption can lead to a chronic form of kidney disease?

As you all know, there is a high amount of alkaline content that goes into the making, while meat dishes are churned out. Animal protein sources contain an especially higher dosage of cholesterol, salt, saturated fats and iron. This is especially true with people who have hamburgers or steak at every single outing. In other words, when you excessively consume red meat. 

Again, consumption of meat leads to formation of harmful triglycerides by your gut’s micro bacteria. Some of these harmful byproducts include the TMAO - Trimethylamine N Oxide, indoxyl sulfate, and p-cresyl sulfate. These by-products can adversely impact the functioning of kidneys in the longer run. Your body develops the CKD- Chronic Kidney Disease. When you develop the severity of the disease, your kidneys stop functioning. You may have to get dialysis done every now and then. Things become complicated for you to lead life the normal way. Consumption of egg yolk or poultry products can further increase your cholesterol levels which can further damage your kidneys.

How to reverse the incidences of CKD?

To reverse incidences of  the CKD, the doctors prescribe patients with the right kind of medication. Drinking water and keeping the body hydrated is key to restoring the health of your kidneys. Alongside, doctors will ask you to eliminate eating a certain seeded variety of fruits or veggies. You can include bananas, avocados and mangoes as a part of your daily meal. You can include a lot of green veggies in the form of chat or salads. 


With the help of a case study, we have seen a clear overview on how consumption of meat directly impacts kidneys. Kidneys filter the toxins present inside the food and diverts waste products through excretory systems. Henceforth, you should take ample precautions in taking care of your kidney’s health. Drinking too much alcohol or smoking can also impact the overall health of your kidneys

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