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To know about the Story of Vvegano and some insights from our Founder, check out our Interview with the NGO Voiceless India which works for educating and spreading awareness about Veganism and helping animals - Veganism & Vvegano - Interview with Voiceless India


What is Vvegano?

  • An online store selling products of everyday use. Ethical shopping - that's what we're all about. 

Why Vvegano ?

  • We see the need for an online portal which ensures that the products people purchase are as ethically sourced as possible. When a consumer sets out to buy a product, not often would she / he want to make an effort to check the source of the product. At Vvegano, you leave that to us. You buy what you need, and we make sure your choices don’t harm the environment (or create the least amount of harm)

What do you mean by that?

  • We mean we will only sell products which cause the least environmental damage (say, buying a leather bag would lead to not only taking the life of an animal, but also breeding another one to produce the next bag. This leads to crops, water, food, labor, life of the animal, soil being exploited ALL FOR A BAG !!!) We still want you to buy the bag, but with us, you can be assured the bag you buy will definitely not create such a burden on our planet Earth.

Are you an NGO or a Non-profit firm?

  • No, we are neither an NGO nor are we here to not make profits. We have created this portal with the primary objective of changing the IMPACT of the way people shop. We’re a business, just like any other, however doing business ethically is what we stand for. We want to make sure that every single product sold on this store helps us move towards making this world a better place.


Would products on your portal be VEGAN-friendly?

  • Yes, all our products would be VEGAN.

What if a consumer comes across a product that isn’t in fact vegan?

  • The first thing on our minds would always be to ensure products are vegan. However, in the unfortunate event that this happens, we encourage the consumer to bring it to our attention, and we will investigate and take appropriate steps. However, as stated earlier, we would like to ensure MINIMUM damage to the environment, where NO damage may not be possible. As an example, if a particular toothbrush is 90% biodegradable, but 10% non-degradable, we would still sell it on our portal. Primarily, as it does make sense to use this toothbrush instead of using a 100% plastic one. And yes, we will constantly be in touch with our sellers to make sure they do move towards being plastic-free. But, you can be assured – strictly, no animal products!!


Who are the vendors on Vvegano?

  • All vendors listed on Vvegano aim to create a difference in society by offering 100% Vegan products, in many cases all products in the vendors' portfolio may not be Vegan, but at Vvegano we only list their vegan variants, thereby encouraging their vegan line of business to gain a wider market. Many of our vendors are small scale entrepreneurs and startups who are out there trying to solve different problems across sectors.

What are the kind of products available on Vvegano? 

  • Our vegan collection of foods is aimed to help all kinds of people - Vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerants and even non vegetarians by giving several alternatives to move away from animal based products
  • Choose from a wide variety of categories such as 


More about Vvegano:

Legal Name: OmniVegan Private Limited


Trade Name: OmniVegan Private Limited

Brand name: www.Vvegano.com

Registered Address: Kaya Skin Clinic, 4, Sunrise Apartments CHS, Plot-142, Guru Gobind Singh Marg, M C ROAD, Andheri East, Mumbai, Mumbai
Suburban, Maharashtra, 400093

Grievance Officer: All Grievances are looked into us promptly. You can contact us on whatsapp/call on 8928867442 or drop an email on support@vvegano.com

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