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Have you ever been to a puppy mill or to a kitten mill? Puppy or kitten mills are the worst places one can ever imagine. They are horrific and needs to come to a standstill at the earliest.

Most of the puppies come to pet stores via puppy mills. If you want to own a pet from the mill, then you are directly putting the money into the pockets of puppy mill owners. These people put vulnerable pups or kittens, through horrendous conditions, to make them breed faster. Again, if you support this business, you pave way, to supporting animal abuse too. What is the optimal solution to this? You must go in for adopting homeless pups or kittens from animal rescue centers or animal welfare centers. Instead of buying them via a pet store or a breeder.

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Looking more in detail with respect to the whole thing:

Incorrect conceptions

You may still want to argue on the point that pet-breeders can treat the animals in a far better manner. You may still hover around the point of going in search of a responsible breeder who assures you that the animals are well-kept or are well-maintained. Puppy or kitten mills may not be the right choices. While going in for a responsible breeder makes absolute sense. These are fantasy assumptions that are too good to be true. Regardless of claims are animals are truly cared for, these breeders raise pups or kittens at over-crowded places. Not only that, pure-bred dogs face far many health problems as compared to mixed breeds.

Implications behind pet-based overpopulation

If you browse thoroughly via the internet or even social media sites, this point has been made quite clear to you. There are millions of abandoned pets that come to shelter homes or animal rescue centers. Sadly, you have very less people who come forward to adopt them. Buying a dog or a cat from a pet breeder can only add to the owes of these innocent beings. Why? Because, when you buy a dog, you pay the seller, for a new being to be born. As consumers, you encourage sellers to breed more and more animals for your welfare. And, for their profit. For every dog you buy from a store, there is another dog you would never care to adopt from an animal welfare center.

Science tells us that animals can make babies without human intervention. Health-care authorities suggest us to spay and neuter them so that we don’t bring more puppies into the world. While these breeders exactly get into the act of bringing more and more pups or kittens to the world.

List of health problems animals face

Purebred dogs are susceptible to a series of health issues. Some of these include hip dysplasia. It is a stomach related infection where the dog’s stomach can bloat up abnormally. The tummy fills up with water, food and air. This can cause the stomach to twist. If not treated, the condition can be a fatal one for the dog.  Skin problems, cataracts and spinal disc issues also impact these innocent beings. Continuous breeding of animals help you get an increased count for the proliferation of sick animals. Mixed breed dogs develop far lesser health-issues are compared to pure-bred dogs.

Pay attention to tail docking or ear-cropping

Breeders abuse animals on a wide-spread scale. They indulge in tail-docking or ear-cropping. While this is barely given a second thought, one must understand that the procedures can be extremely painful ones, for the pups or dogs. Breed specified standards on the size of the tails or ears, allow the breeders to mis-handle these beings.

Unmindful cutting of body parts is done to the animals without giving them dosages of anesthesia or pain-relief medications. The American Veterinary Medical Association deems these procedures as cosmetic surgeries. As the procedures are not medically indicated. Dogs never show self-esteem in having their tails docked or their ears cropped. At mixed breed shelters, rare attention is given to cropping the dog’s ears or docking their tails.

Calling for a change

Whether you presume that breeders are doing a fabulous job on the floor! Or you go in for dogs bred at puppy mills or kitten mills! Breeding animals comes to you with a whole host of problems. Breed specific brands put these animals to enormous pressure and suffering indeed. It is estimated that nearly 2.7 million adoptable pet animals are euthanized each year. This should refrain you from going behind a seller or a breeder. Do you really care about the animals? Then adopt dogs and reduce the number of homeless animals living at shelters. Never shop, just adopt!

You have end to end aspects covering an overview on why breeding pet dogs and cats can be the most irresponsible decision. That you would ever want to make!

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