How do you make your very own almond yoghurt at home?

Home made Almond Yoghurt


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Are you looking for a dairy-free additive for satiating your evening snack needs? Do you want to refrain from getting yourself a store-bought pack? Then, you can get hands on to making the lovely recipe indeed. You can have a thick and delicious bowl of home-made almond yoghurt using this delightful recipe. So, let us get started!


  • Almonds- 2 cups
  • Water- for grinding the paste
  • Vegan starter- for making the yoghurt
  • Sweeteners- Use maple syrup or apple syrup
  • Flavoring Agent- you can use a flavoring ingredient of your choice. But, please make sure that it is a plant-based one.

Method of preparation

  • Heat two cups for water on a cooking pan. Place the almonds inside a glass bowl. Leave on simmer for about 5 mins. Switch off the gas stove.
  • Transfer the almonds to another bowl. Allow the same to cool down.
  • Now, you must be able to peel off the almonds quite easily.
  • The peeled off almonds must now be covered with water. You can soak the peeled almonds for about 5-6 hours. This process will double up the size of the almonds. You can cover the almonds using a thin cloth of cotton.
  • After the almonds have been soaked, rinse off the excess water using a drainer.
  • Transfer the almonds to a mixer-grinder or a food processor. You can grind the almonds in batches. Add water little by little while you grind.
  • You must then have a smooth mixture of a lump-free consistency indeed. Keep adding water until you are done with grinding almonds that you had soaked up.
  • The puree must be smooth. However, make sure it does not resemble a flour like mixture.
  • You can transfer the paste to a bowl. Heat water in a cup and place the jar. After it gets a little warm, you can transfer the contents on to a mason or a ceramic jar.
  • Add a sweetener and a yoghurt starter of your choice. You want the mix to have the probiotic taste. Hence, it is the starter that will convert the almond paste into a yoghurt. If you use powdered starter packs, you must dissolve the same using water. For one jar of yoghurt, you can use one tablespoon of starter. Plus, the sweetener.
  • You can leave it on for 3-8 hours at a normal room temperature. However, if you are making almond yoghurt for the very first time, you can keep checking the same every three hours or so.
  • Now, you get a faint smell of yoghurt. You can use the home-made yoghurt for making lassi, chaas, kadhi or even for making your delicious smoothies. You can also use the versatile dairy-free yoghurt on your sandwiches, burger wraps, etc.
  • Now, refrigerate the remaining almond yoghurt for further use.

With this, your very own version of almond yoghurt is ready for use. The yoghurt, as you have seen via the ingredient list is completely dairy free. Plus, you have no extra chemicals in the form of preservatives or additives that are added to the same. Have the simple recipe handy with you. And start making delicious almond yoghurt whenever you feel like! Happy cooking!

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