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What is your take on nutritional Yeast? Well, you may find this pivotal ingredient in many plant-based recipes and vegan kitchens. Would you love knowing about what nutritional yeast is all about? What are the health benefits you derive by adding this to your cooking recipes? Will it be a great product that adds to wholesome nutrition? Read on, to know more!

Meaningful insights elaborating what the product is all about

Nutritional yeast is a versatile ingredient available across online food stores and retail outlets too. This is an ingredient that can add to a savory, cheesy and nutty flavor to a variety of dishes. How does it look like? It has a yellowish orange hue that is hard to miss.

You can add this as a wonderful accompaniment to dairy cheese as well. The product, also known as nooch, doesn’t contain animal derived products. The ingredient is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. For those of you who want to indulge in guilt-free or cruelty-free eating, this is a product that can come to you as a blessing.

What goes into the making?

Nutritional Yeast is a product that is made from the very same variant of yeast one uses to make bread, beer, or other baking delicacies. Yeast is also known as ‘Saccharomyces Cerevisiae’. The end-product however is a little different. This variant of yeast is unlike your regular version of baker’s or brewer’s yeast. For the simple reason, the product doesn’t have leavening agents. In other words, nutritional yeast does not make the dough rise. The yeast also doesn’t reproduce inside you even when you consume it raw.

This is a type of yeast that is made by growing S Cerevisiae across a sugar-molasses medium indeed. The yeast is then de-activated using heat. The product is then washed, pasteurized, dried, and crumbled before it is poured into mason jars or packages. This is a product that is usually fortified with primary nutrients, including B Vitamins. Nutritional Yeast is typically cultivated for its nutritional value above other benefits.

What kind of health benefits one derives by adding Nutritional Yeast?

The ingredient is a power-packed source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The yeast is also fortified with Vitamin B12, a vitamin mainly found in dairy products. Let us have a deeper look into what the product contains!


Nutritional Yeast is usually fortified with primary Vitamins like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 before getting stacked up across store shelves. Some of the pivotal vitamins naturally grow in Yeast. Hence, when you add a tablespoonful of this yeast, your recommended daily intake or RDI for various vitamins is already met. B Vitamins can help you regulate several metabolic activities like producing energy, DNA synthesis, brain function, hormone regulation, etc. B Vitamins also help your body generate RBC’s or blood cells. Plant based eaters rely a lot on Nutritional Yeast to get their dosage of Vitamin B12. Look for one, when you get a jar from the store.


Nutritional Yeast is an excellent source of proteins. These are lysine and tryptophan. These are proteins that can help synthesize vital amino acids, your body badly needs. Lysine helps prevent cold sores. While tryptophan helps you get a good deal of sleep. The protein releases a hormone namely Serotonin. This can help you relax your moods and thereby put you on a sleep mode. In almost 1/4th cup of Nutritional Yeast, you find 8 grams of protein, three grams of fiber with no sodium or sugar.


Nutritional Yeast is an excellent source of vital minerals your body needs. These include zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. These are minerals that aid in a healthier functioning of your body. Plus, you need minerals to develop a stronger immune system. Developing robust immunity can help your body fight against deadly viruses or harmful bacteria, as a matter of fact. When you develop a stronger immunity, your body’s metabolism too improves by a great deal indeed.

Nutritional Yeast is also a very good source of chromium. This is a component that helps your body regulate its blood sugar. For the same reason, the product is highly recommended for those of you who have para-diabetes or diabetes. Or for those of you who have trouble managing ideal sugar levels.


Why does your body require antioxidants? Antioxidants protect your body against cell damage. This way, you prevent occurrences of several chronic diseases. In other words, you help those keep those deadly diseases at bay! Nutritional yeast is a pivotal component that contains potent antioxidants required for effective functioning of your body.

One such antioxidant is glutathione. It is an antioxidant that protects your cells by eliminating toxins from the same. In other words, glutathione plays a vital role in providing your body with active cellular defense mechanisms. A tablespoonful of nutritional yeast contains about 2.5 mg of glutathione. You find the antioxidant in its concentrated form which is again a brownie point indeed.


You have seen what nutritional yeast is. You also have an overall idea on how the product is manufactured before hitting across store shelves. You also have a fair idea on how the ingredient is a powerhouse of vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Here, we bring this segment on nutritional yeast to a close. You can make wonderful recipes using the product. Let me catch up with exciting recipes on nutritional yeast in the next segment. So, stay tuned!

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