Lung complications that can be linked to meat consumption

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When you consume processed forms of meat, you are also causing enough damage to your lungs. Smoking cigarettes or inhaling forms of asbestos provides your lungs with the same adverse effects as regular meat consumption does. In this blog snippet, let us discover the type of lung complications that arise due to periodic consumption of cooked meat products. Helping you get started here:

What happens when you consume meat products?

Meat is a highly rich source of Nitrogen. Hence, when you consume meat products, the animal protein that has nitrogen in them reacts with your body’s oxygen supply. Hence, nitrous oxides are abundantly formed inside your body. Not just nitrogen oxides or NO2 but other forms of nitrogen per oxides are also accumulated inside your body. The process is highly detrimental to the overall functioning of your body’s lungs. Lungs, as you know, filter the toxic substances from the air you breathe and let purified oxygen reach parts of your body. The meat products badly tamper the quality of oxygen that is supposed to reach every part of your body.

The farm animals were fed with antibiotics, hormones, and other forms of medication to help them grow faster and sustain their lives across filthy and overcrowded sheds. These chemicals along with the animal's feces accumulate on the meat products. Furthermore, meat producing plants cleanse the blood and other excretants using chlorine, sulfur dioxides and other cleansing agents before the red meat gets packed into labels. Hence, you can imagine how many chemicals are added to meat products before they land up on your table. Alongside, you add layers of oil, cheese, herbs and spices to make the dishes more palatable. Hence the lungs have highly adulterated meat products to work on before it supplies air to parts of your body. As the meat products are highly processed with nitrogen and sulfur products, you develop chronic forms of lung diseases in the longer run. Inflammation of lung airways happens all the time. You can also develop other chronic lung disorders including that of lung cancer. 

Findings you can keep a track of

The British Medical Journal Association has performed a considerable number of surveys and scientifically backed up research facts by linking diet with asthma or breathing problems among adults and children. The findings revealed that constant consumption of processed or red meat was directly associated with childhood wheezing problems and even accelerated the risk of children developing breathing issues. This way, the kids develop asthma or bronchitis as they reach adulthood. 

How does a modern diet impact your lungs?

You must generally cook meat at higher cooking temperatures. Cooking, grilling, barbecuing, deep-frying, baking, broiling or searing are methods involved to cook meat products to perfection. This is because human beings are not capable of digesting raw meat. When you perform all of these, the heat energy combines with the triglycerides found in oil or spices. These triglycerides are harmful substances that form potentially damaging AGE’s too. These AGEs are chemicals that block the passage airways of lungs leading to their inflammation. The AGE’s are therefore harmful by-products that are released by your body when the animal protein binds with sugar present on your blood through glycation. These harmful AGEs cause lung inflammation, asthma, oxidative stress, gastric troubles and other adverse reactions on your body’s immune systems. 


You can go in for a healthy plant-based diet. Do make it a point to include a lot of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, legumes, wholesome cereals and fruit juices to your daily diet plan. This way, you can regenerate or rather restore the health of your lungs to lead a better quality of life in the longer run. 

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