Why Try Vegan in 2020

Try Vegan

One of the common statements / excuses / arguments from most people is “Hey, I could never eat vegan food” or “I could never buy a product from a vegan store” and so many other clichés. However, what people fail to realize is, Veganism is NOT a diet, it’s simply a way of Life. Veganism simply means choosing a compassionate option to lead our life in a way as practicable as possible. Veganism isn’t about drastically changing your lifestyle, it simply means we lead our lives the same way albeit by making smarter, friendlier choices. What does that mean? Simple ! 

Well, there isn’t a checklist that you need to tick off to turn Vegan, because Veganism isn’t about doing different things, it’s just about doing things differently. Yes, you pretty much do everything the same way you’re used to, just making sure that the products you purchase or consume aren’t harmful (or least harmful – because unfortunately every thing we humans do / create / invent has some impact) to another human or non-human (the animals ! ) or the environment. So here’s a small list to kick off:

  • Choose plant based substitutes over animal or dairy products
    • Swap your dairy tea for Almond milk or Oat milk or Coconut milk or Soya Milk or Cashew Milk or Hazelnut milk or Rice milk or ….. Phew ! Need I go on ? You probably get the point. And you can even make so many of these at home. It’s not rocket science. Also, there are so many kinds of Teas & Coffees which go well even without any kind of milk, and they're so much healthier. Even the Ghee that you love can be vegan. You can try one of our bestsellers – Try Vegan Ghee
    • Did someone say “I love my cheese”. Yes, we’re all addicted to cheese, thanks to Casein (which is a protein found in all milk products, it releases casomorphine during digestion which flirt with the dopamine receptors and trigger the addiction). Yes, shocking isn’t it? If you need more info, click here Cheese & it's Addiction. And if you'd like to give Plant based Cheese & other dairy alternatives (including Sweets, Yes !) a try, then click here Dairy Alternatives

Dairy Alternatives

  • If you CAN’T LIVE without meat (apparently), then choose meat alternatives such as mock meat, Seitan, Tofu, Tempeh and so many other soya based products.
  • Swap Plastic products for biodegradable or reusable or other earthfriendly substitutes
    • Toothbrushes
    • Avoid using plastic cutlery such as spoons and forks. Check out our collection called Bye Bye Plastic !
    • Errrr do we even need straws? Well, okay, if you do, then opt for a bamboo or steel reusable straw. And make sure to carry it !
    • Carry your own water bottle everywhere.
  • Opt for Leather free clothing, footwear, accessories. 
  • Make sure the products you purchase are Fair Trade. That way you can do your bit to be sure that their workers are paid fair wages. You can always check with the relevant company if you need more details.
  • Use Body care products and cosmetics that are made with natural ingredients and not tested on animals.

And I could go on and on and on. The list is really endless. Infact, veganism can even be extended easily to our day to day lives. It’s not about just the animals, or just the environment, it’s also about helping humans. Our daily choices have the power to impact industries and shut down companies such as unethical brands, slaughterhouses that do not respect human labor. Most people will argue that it would lead to massive unemployment. But in reality, businesses and industries will always move towards where they see demand. Thus, if ethical consumption increases, ethical production is what will follow.

Most restaurants, most shops in todays times have vegan options (atleast one, but trust me, it’s growing !). In countries like India, there are countless dishes and recipes which are accidentally Vegan and yes, we’ve all been eating them, loving them, drooling all over them all our lives, much before we even heard the word “Vegan” which now scares away so many of us as being this “extreme” way of Life, whereas all Veganism means to do is to simplify life and make it fair, not just to consumers, but even to animals and the biggest beneficiary in the end will of course be all of us, since Climate Emergency is the biggest challenge ahead of mankind, and 7 billion people making the right choices can definitely tilt the balance in our favour.

So, don’t worry about what your family will say, what your friends and colleagues will mock you for, ultimately all these people will certainly join you in making the right choices when they see that Life is (almost) the same when you’re Vegan in 2020. #TryVegan


- Clive D'souza, Vvegano

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