Top 10 health risks that can potentially damage your body with non-veg food

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That steak on your plate can look really tempting and mouth-watering. Your burger is laden with ground beef and your hamburger contains pork. A roasted chicken or turkey on Thanksgiving Day can look yummy. However, do you know the potential health risks your body gets from consuming non-vegetarian food? This is apart from the fact that billions of animals get slaughtered to get the food on your table. Come on, let us discover the top 10 health risks your body gets while you take non-veg food for every meal of yours. Helping you get started on the same:

Heart Disease

You can get a chronic form of a heart-disease when you constantly consume non-vegetarian food. The meat chunks do not get digested easily and therefore get clogged into the arteries of the heart. The arteries carry blood from the body to your heart. While the arteries get clogged, the heart does not get enough supply of blood or oxygen to be able to function normally. Sudden cardiac arrests, heart-attacks and blockage of arteries are common problems junk food eaters or regular meat eaters face during the course of their lives. 


Medical studies frequently circulate surveys on higher incidences of different forms of Colon, Stomach and GI Cancers upon consumption of red meat. If you are one of them, get ready to get a chemo screening done at least once in your life. Else, go plant-based and reverse the incidences of getting Cancer. Eating fruits and vegetables can keep you healthy and fit for a longer duration of time as they contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins to keep your metabolism robust for decades to come. 

Increased occurrences of strokes

As had already been explained via earlier paragraphs, you certainly know that consumption of meat blocks blood vessels that carry blood to each and every organ of your body. Eating red meat particularly can ace chances of you getting an ischemic stroke by at least 47%. Looking for a solution here! Go plant-based!

Type 2 Diabetes- certainly on the cards

According to research as done by the Harvard Medical School of Public Health, the survey findings revealed that even among those of you who have a modest serving of red meat, the chances of your body developing Type 2 Diabetes is on the higher end. Type 2 diabetes is a debilitating sickness that can impact almost every organ of your body leading to blindness, kidney failure, strokes, and heart-attacks.


Recently the University of Adelaide conducted a survey to study prevalence of lifestyle diseases among the present generation people of today. The survey results indicated were quite shocking, as a matter of fact. Consumption of red meat can lead the body to becoming more obese to the same level as consuming sweets or sugary delights all the time.

The energy or carbohydrates generated from meat is released by the body at a much later point of time. The carbohydrates or protein surplus the body receives later on, gets converted into body fat and gets stored in the form of fat deposits. Meat consumption can increase your risk of morbid obesity by at least 13%. 

Deposition of harmful cholesterol

Meat products are tasty and palatable as they contain greasy layers of oil, spices and MSG that goes into the making. Hence, fast foods and regular meat dishes contain harmful doses of cholesterol in unimaginable proportions. Cholesterol is directly responsible for clogging arteries or veins that carry a regular dose of blood to the heart. When you consume a vegan diet, the cholesterol your body receives is zero. And, the choice is yours.

Increased acne on your face and body

Several studies have proven that milk and dairy products lead to increased incidences of developing acne. If you have a look at it, most of the milk consumption, across the United States of America, comes from pregnant cows. Pregnant cows while they lactate milk also produce increased levels of estrogen and their mammary glands produce oil too. Hence, when you consume milk, you take those pumped up hormones into your body. Excessive oil in milk leads to acne. Also, increased levels of estrogen into the bloodstream increases the risk of women developing breast and ovarian Cancer. So, the key here is to stay away from milk and dairy products

Erectile dysfunction

As you have already seen, excessive consumption of meat leads to clogged arteries and veins. The blood cells therefore have their pathways obstructed to reach the heart, brain or even lungs. Hence you develop lung disorders, heart attacks and even brain cancers. Apart from this, the blood cells can also impact flow of blood to the man’s private organs like the scrotum or clitoris, eventually leading to erectile dysfunction. So men, there is nothing sexy about eating meat!

Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the research and survey studies as done by the Sunlight Nutrition and Health Research Center, consumption of meat products can lead to increased incidences for one to develop Alzheimer’s Disease. On the other hand, when you consume more fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts, your cognitive health and memory power can improve considerably. So, what more are you waiting for?

Shorter life span

Again, here goes a popular saying. What goes into you is what you become or manifest. When you take the dead bodies of brutally slaughtered animals, can it do your body any good? You also take the fear, stress, torture and the trauma the slaughtered animal went through,  just moments before it was chopped into pieces. Hence, when you consume more products that come to you in the form of animal protein, your lifespan also gets shortened. Vegans live robust lives for 17 more years as compared to someone who eats animal rich food. 


Apart from these adverse effects of eating meat, you contribute to the brutal enslavement of 70 billion land animals and 3 trillion sea animals just to satisfy your taste buds. Animal farming kills the planet as dairy cattle are found to be the biggest contributor of Methane gas emissions, as a matter of fact. 

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