Specific heart disorders that can arise due to consumption of red meat

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Consumption of red meat can eventually lead to clogged arteries or veins. You can get quite a lot of heart-related disorders on account of obstructed arteries or clogged veins. This is mainly because the arteries and veins of the heart carry sufficient quantities of oxygen and blood supply for the heart to function properly. Cholesterol laden foods, junk foods and meat products can clog arteries or veins that connect the body to the heart. Let us have an overview into the type of disorders that can arise impacting your heart:

Coronary heart disease

This is a condition wherein the heart’s blood vessels become narrowed or blocked. These are coronary arteries, as a matter of fact. Therefore, the heart does not receive enough supply of blood or oxygen. Clogged veins or arteries can therefore lead to sudden cardiac arrests or even heart attacks. We see young people dying at the age of 40 or 42 due to heart attacks. 

Angina- Stable one

While performing a physical activity or something really strenuous, have you experienced some kind of breathlessness? Or rather, have you felt some kind of pain or discomfort near your chest, arm, stomach, neck or jaw? Then, this is a way of telling you that the heart’s arteries have become narrowed or blocked. 

The heart muscles may not receive enough supply of blood or oxygen to be able to function normally. Sometimes, people use precaution so that they do not end up over-stretching themselves. This is named Stable Angina. However, if you experience an unexplained form of chest pain, then you must seek medical attention immediately.

Unstable Angina

Sometimes, you may find a short breath or experience a heavy sigh of breathlessness even while you wake up from your sleep. Or, even while your body is resting itself. That means, when the blood supply to the heart becomes highly restricted. You experience more severe attacks of angina even while you perform minimal activity. Angina attacks can last for 10 whole minutes and can be fatal too. Hence, this is Acute Coronary Syndrome or ACS. You must then get yourself admitted into the hospital immediately.

Heart Attacks

Medically speaking, a heart attack is known as Myocardial Infarction or what can be abbreviated as MI. This is a condition wherein the blood supply to a part of a heart muscle is completely blocked. This happens when a fatty piece of tissue suddenly breaks off. The fatty particles from undigested meat can also cause this to happen. Sometimes, a blood clot forms near the coronary artery. The blood supply through which that coronary artery was supplying gets impacted adversely. 

Heart failure

This is the inability of your heart muscles to pump adequate oxygen and blood supply to other parts of your body. In other words, your heart muscles are no longer able to suffice your body’s demand for a constant supply of blood or oxygen. Heart failure is characterized by constant fatigue or shortness of breath even while you attempt the simplest of activities. 

Arrhythmia or irregular heart beats

Your heart beats are stimulated by a unique electrical system the body comprises. This electrical system when disrupted can allow the heart to beat too fast or too slowly or in an irregular manner. This is the medical disorder associated with arrhythmia.

Valve Disease

Do you know that the valves open or close to regulate the flow of blood into your heart. If you have a problem with the functionality of heart valves, then it puts an added strain on the muscles of the heart. Your body can experience a range of symptoms like:

  1. Fatigue
  2. breathlessness
  3. Angina attacks and palpitations
  4. Swollen ankles
  5. Dizziness and
  6. fainting

High blood pressure

The normal blood pressure for every individual is 120/80. This means your heart beats 120 times every minute while you are actively working. If you are on a sleep mode or on a resting mode, it beats 80 per minute. High blood pressure can imply 140/90. This is not a disease in itself. However, when you do not control high blood pressure or what is otherwise known as hypertension, you can get implied conditions connected with the heart. You can get coronary diseases, heart attacks and even strokes. 

Congenital Heart Disease

Sometimes, the structure of the heart is not properly formed for the developing fetus that is present inside its mother’s womb. The medical team looks into the severity of congenital defects and gets it fixed. Sometimes, urgent heart transplants are needed for newly born babies too.

Inherited heart disease

If any other family member in the family has had seizures, strokes or attacks in the past, the genes can be transmitted to you. This type of heart disease is genetic or hereditary as it has been passed on to you by your immediate family member. Inherited heart diseases also can be severe at times. 


When you eat vegan or plant-based food, you supply your heart with essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a wholesome proportion. A healthy heart implies that you enjoy a better lifespan after all. Junk food or non vegetarians are at a much higher risk of developing heart diseases in the longer run. 

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