Protein in a Vegan Diet - Part 2


Super rich plant-based foods from where you can derive your protein from


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Here, we will have a run down into other foods that are typically good in a protein-rich diet. Helping you understand what these superfoods are. Let me get you started on the same:



Do you know what spirulina actually is? This is a form of algae that is highly rich in protein, potassium, manganese, iron, and other forms of soluble B Vitamins (With the exception of Vitamin B12). Spirulina offers you 8 g of protein through two tablespoons. Again, you can consume spirulina in a powdered form or via supplements. If you buy a powdered pack of spirulina, you can add it to smoothies, juices, water, or plant-based milk. Again, you can sprinkle this pivotal ingredient across salads or snacks, in order to, increase your protein content. 


Quinoa and Oat meal


Quinoa is a protein-rich food that contains about 8 g of protein per cup. You can make design recipes like Upma using this versatile ingredient called quinoa. As a matter of fact, you must cook the quinoa thoroughly. This particular grain is also rich in other nutrients like iron, fiber, magnesium, and manganese. You can also use this versatile ingredient while preparing, soups, salads, or stews. Quinoa pasta also make an exciting option for your breakfasts or brunches. 

Oats are good sources of fiber that can help you in your digestion. You can use chocolate or coffee oats as a pre work out option. Oats can be used to make sumptuous breakfast options too. You can add to your idlis or dosa options too. Oat upma makes good for a sumptuous evening meal too. This is again a pivotal ingredient rich in vitamins, protein, fiber and glucose. 



Mushrooms are power-packed resources of protein as a matter of fact. This is a variety of plant-based algae for all that we know. Mushroom gravies are quite popular at desi restaurants. You can also add mushrooms to pizzas, pasta, macaroni, soups, and salads. You can have cooked mushroom stews that provide about 13.5 grams of protein per cup serving!


Chia seeds

Apart from the fact that chia seeds are a super plant food from where you derive your protein, this ingredient contains loads of fiber and Omega-3 too. As you know, Omega-3 is quintessential for the healthy functioning of your heart. Chia seeds provide about 2g of protein every two tablespoons of it. You can have chia seeds in their sprinkled form. 

You can add chia seeds to a fulfilling array of recipes. You can add them to your cold drinks or smoothies. Chia seeds bubble tea is one of the hottest drinks sold in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other South-Asian restaurants. Again, you can soak chia seeds in water or almond milk to make cookies, sweet-tooth puddings, etc. 


Hemp seeds

Similar to chia seeds, hemp seeds are also power-packed protein-rich plant-based foods. Again, two tablespoonsful of hemp seeds contain about 5g of protein. Hemp seeds can also be used for recipes, in a similar way, to chia seeds. You can procure hemp seeds from online stores too.


Beans with rice

You can mix beans with rice in order to make a protein-rich meal. Beans mixed with rice can fetch you about 7g of protein per cup that is consumed. You can mix beans with lentils, dals, or sprouts to make protein-rich salads, gravies, or stews. 

You can mix cooked beans and spread a layer of hummus to use as a convenient form of sandwich dressing. You can also make multi-grain sourdough bread for a healthier protein-packed breakfast option. Kidney beans or rajma again help you make exotic Indian gravies that can be had along with spicy naans, garlic bread, Rotis, and with jeera-rice. 



Potatoes are a powerhouse of proteins and carbohydrates. Baked potatoes are any day a healthier meal option over deep-fried ones. Baked or steamed potatoes provide about 8g of protein per serving. Alongside, the humble potatoes are also excellent sources of potassium and Vitamin C.


To make a salad dressing or a sandwich accompaniment, you can add baked potatoes to freshly churned-out hummus. You can add paprika, oregano, or spices for a flavorful protein-rich snack to dip into evening snacks or fritters. Again as hummus contains 3g of protein per tablespoon, the amount of protein your body gets in fact doubles up. Potatoes can be added to Indian breakfast options too. These are Aloo poha, cutlets, aloo tikkis, masala dosas, etc. 


Protein-rich vegetables

If you have a look at it, amy green leafy vegetables contain adequate amounts of protein. Green leafy veggies and colored vegetables are power-packed resources for your plant-based protein. Say for instance, a medium sized broccoli provides about 8 g of protein, while kale provides about 5g of protein. You can use the serving to make vegetable salads using the same. You can have veggies like broccoli or kale, semi-cooked, so that the nutritive value of the food remains intact. Again for a protein rich meal, you can add baby greens and sprinkle some quinoa on to the same.



Seitan is a kind of a protein mix that is prepared by mixing wheat flour with varied kinds of herbs or spices. You can prepare this power-packed protein pack and add them to your salads, gravies or curries. You can get seitan as a powdered pack from retail stores or via online establishments. Seitan contains about 21 g of protein just with a 1/3rd of a cup serving. 


Ezekiel bread

You can make a sourdough bread namely Ezekial bread as an ideal staple while preparing sandwiches. It is made from multi-vitamin grains like millets, barley, wheat, lentils and spelt. Again, this is a protein rich form of brad. To double up the protein quotient, you can add hummus salad dressing that gives you the taste and richness of a cheesy spread. 


Multi grain chappathis

Indian meals are never complete without rice, chapathis and curry. For a protein rich diet, you can buy multi grain atta. The wheat flour is already pounded with forms of lentils that are rich in proteins. So, you need not add anything separately to make a profound protein-rich diet. You wheat grain rotis combined with curry and rice would suffice for a sumptuous evening meal. 



These are the protein rich foods covering part 2 of your food guide. Stay tuned for more updates on how you can add essential nutrients to food with existing set of ingredients and also by following a vegan lifestyle.

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