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In my last blog snippet, I explained the enormous amount of cruelty, that is meted out to chickens and egg-laying hens in the egg industry. Are you accustomed to scrambled eggs, egg bhurjis, or omelets on your breakfast table? Well, you have nothing to lose here. You have similar-tasting food using vegan ingredients. You can stack up your egg supplies right here from your very own plant-based store, VVegano. Just log in to https://www.vvegano.com/

Let us discover some of the staples from the Vegano store that can help you satiate your egg cravings in a vegan style. Let us get started, shall we?


Vezley Soy Bhurji

Ace up your protein intake with this wonderfully curated condiment from the house of Vezley. It is a perfect egg-bhurji styled delicacy made from plant-based ingredients only. The vegetable protein is made from soya beans obviously. Then, you have whey protein that is derived from wheat flour. Water, salt, spices and condiments are also added to this perfectly egg-bhurji styled recipe. This is a recipe that exactly tastes like egg-bhurji. You can use this a stuffing for your naans or parathas like you would normally do. Else, you can fill this vegan bhurji in between bread slices to make room for a protein rich breakfast right there in the morning. Here is the link to the same:


Vezlay Soya Bhurji 150 gms | 100% Vegan – Vvegano


Goodot Eggless Bhurji

This is another brand that specializes in re-creating vegan editions of meat and egg delicacies in an effortless manner. This is a plant-based buhrji that can be spun off in a jiffy. You have rich ingredients like soy flour, soy isolate, oat flour, wheat fibers, groundnut protein, spices and condiments to make room for a flvorful plant based bhurji. The seasoning pack is also given to you along with the kit. Do give this product a try if you want to live your life cruelty-free. Here is the description link for you from the store:


Good Dot Eggless Bhurji-Plant Based Meat, No Egg, No Meat, No Dairy-10 – Vvegano


Vegetarian Anda

You have India’s first vegetarian anda made from the richness of Moong dal and Chick pea flour. The brand is named ‘Plant Made Vegetarian Anda’. The product is 100% vegan and does not use animal-derived secretions what so ever. The product is an absolute staple for you to churn out omelets, or bread-omelet styled recipes without making use of traditional form of eggs. Above all the product is cruelty-free, allergen free and cholesterol free too. You have the product fortified with the right amounts of proteins, Vitamins and minerals the human body typically needs. What more are you waiting for? Go, grab your pick from the VVegano store right away:


Plantmade Vegetarian Anda - Vegan Egg Alternative - MUMBAI ONLY – Vvegano


Plant made Vegetarian Anda Protein powder

Do you want a recipe that you can store across your kitchen shelves over a longer duration of time? Then, the Plant Made’s Vegetarian Anda protein powder is the right staple you must be looking at. Made from the richness of cowpea protein, this is a 100% vegan recipe after all. You can make bagels, sandwiches, fried wraps, scrambles, bhurjis and lot many delicacies in an effortless manner. This is a product that is available for residents of Mumbai and Bangalore. You get a free shipping tag too. What more are you waiting for? Grab this product online before it moves off the shelves. Here is where you pick your description link from:

Plantmade Vegetarian Anda Powder - Protein rich, Vegan - 65g – Vvegano



When you have plant-based alternatives to each of your recipes or cravings, why inflict cruelty on innocent and sentient beings after all? 

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