Explore The Cruelty Behind The Egg Industry

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We have misleading labels across the internet and social media that eggs provide protein and Calcium, which the human body typically needs. But at whose cost is this done? Trillions of chickens and egg-laying hens are thoroughly abused to get those scrambled eggs and omelets on your table. Let us explore the acute level of cruelty that is meted out to these poor creatures.


Explaining the cruelty that happens in the egg industry

Egg-laying hens are also called battery chickens. Literally, the hens or chickens are treated like egg-laying machines. The least amount of regard is given at farms or sheds with respect to their welfare or well-being. Again, hens or chickens are highly curious and inquisitive sentient beings that can feel pain, trauma, and sadness. So, let me break it down into what actually happens here:


The battery chickens are fed with grains, water, barley, and corn so that they fatten themselves up and they are able to produce more and more eggs for human consumption. Once, the hen lays eggs, eggs are immediately hatched. This is done to separate the male chicks and female chicks. For a troupe of male chicks that are laid off by hens, these are ground alive and the chicks are hardly a day old. Workers sometimes gas them to death. The slaughter farms use macerators to grind one-day chicks alive. Female chicks are debeaked and put into cages. 


The debeaking process ensures that the highly crammed chicks do not peck each other during their two years of intense confinement. They are put into highly crammed cages, as a matter of fact. The urine or feces of the top layer hens spill over the lower tier cages filled with battery chickens again. Sometimes, the workers keep the sheds lighted 24/7 so that hens keep laying eggs. Actually, it takes about 34 hours for each hen to lay its egg. As 5-11 chickens are crammed into a battery cage, the average size each hen/ chicken occupies is lesser than the size of an A4 paper. The chickens do not have space to even flap their wings as nature had wanted them to be. 


What happens next?

The egg-laying hens have too much stress, anxiety and bone loss as they are confined to iron-bar cages 24/7. Natural surrounding mean that hens and chickens would to stroll around into the fresh and open air around bright sun light. But these battery chickens lay in darkness and absolute confinement. They cannot move this way or that way. As a result of the same, there is a bacterial breeding.


Plus, as the chickens are made to lay eggs all the time, the body becomes weaker. The overcrowded chickens are made to stay in their own urine and feces. Therefore cramped chicken sheds, whether they are free range or grilled into bars, become breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Therefore the chickens develop skin infections, osteoporosis and even heart attacks. Almost 40% of the hens or chickens die before they reach slaughter houses. Again, male chicks are ground alive in mixer grinders or are allowed to rot with no access to food or water. When bacterial infections or bird flu occurs in one bird, all the other chickens confined in that battery cage are also gassed to death by workers at the egg industry.


At the slaughter houses

Broilers are fed excessive quantities of food so that their bodies fatten up by the time they are barely 45 days old. Their slender feet are unable to support their bodies and they fall to the ground. The slaughter houses kill them at slaughter houses by wringing their bodies upside down. Their throats are slit while the hens or chickens are fully consious. 

As for the spent egg-laying chickens, their first dose of sunlight is felt by them on their routes to slaughter houses. After 3 years of egg laying their bodies develop osteoporosis, fungal infections and most of the chickens lose their feathers too. In that state, again, they are held upside own and taken in bikes or trucks to slaughter houses. They feel pain, fear and sadness while they are de feathered and then their throats are slit. All of this happens while the chicken are fully conscious. 


This is an absolute life of misery for the chickens or hens who love pecking at grains, corn or strolling in sunshine. These birds are sentient beings who are inquisitive and curious by nature. They lay eggs during their menstrual cycles, typically the same way, the female ovum in human beings, produces one. So, we are utilizing a period material for our dining plates. Also, with so much of cruelty and blood shed that happens to chickens or egg laying hens across the globe, do you really think it is worth it?

You have vegan alternatives to eggs. These are made from chick pea flour to give you a real time flavor of the actual one. Be compassionate. Consider going vegan. 

Info Source- https://www.peta.org/

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