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In our previous set of blogs, we have seen the enormous kind of abuse that is meted out to sheep and lambs in the name of wool. To protect yourself from the cold, you need not contribute to an industry that is filled with cruelty and animal bloodshed. Let us discover 8 fascinating vegan alternatives to wool from where jumpsuits, socks, thermal wear, and warm clothing can be procured. Let us, therefore, get started with the same:


This is a warm clothing material that is made from wood cellulose. The material is also known as ‘Lyocell’. Tencel is an eco-friendly material that can protect you against cold temperatures. 

You have crop tops, jumpsuits, full-length dresses, and trousers that can be designed using this material alone. Again, while dresses or apparel are being manufactured, designers adopt a close-loop technology as a matter of fact. This means the chemicals or water, utilized while the clothes are designed can be reused or recycled efficiently. 


Hemp is an organic crop from which blended fabrics can be designed quite effortlessly. Hemp is a plant that typically does not require pesticides and hence this crop can ideally be grown in an organic farming setup as well. Clothing materials made from hemp are also quite breathable indeed. Again, hemp clothing does not trap heat the way the wool does. Trapping heat can also contribute to the growth of bacteria.

Organic Cotton

This is the most biodegradable material that is used to design warm clothing as well as clothing meant for summer days. Again, organic cotton is grown at eco-friendly cotton farms that can assure a high degree of quality or durability on different forms of apparel you plan to design. You can buy wholesale quantities of fair trade and organic cotton to produce fabrics in a stylish manner. 

Soybean fibers

You can design vegan-based cashmere wool using soybean fibers, as a matter of fact. Hence, using soybean fibers, the perfect cashmere-wool threads can be designed perfect for your knitwear. This is a material that is free from petrochemicals and that is why the material is so eco-friendly. Clothing made from soybean fibers also has the silky touch of silk. The best part of it all is that soybean fibers are 100% plant-based.


Linen is the softest form of cotton, you can ever imagine. This is a material that can be used for producing thermal wear as well as other stylish pieces of clothing. This is a material that uses no chemicals at all. Above all, linen clothing is a durable one, that is super-soft and gentle even on the bodies of those of you, who have sensitive skin. 


Bamboo is a highly sustainable material from which different varieties of clothing are designed by manufacturers around the globe. Rayon-based sweaters are durable and eco-friendly too. However, there is a dose of chemicals added to bamboo shoots to design rayon. 


Students of the Columbian University are trying to merge hemp fibers with coconut cellulose to get a hybrid material perfect for designing vegan-based woolen clothes. The designers then treat the fibers with oyster mushrooms to add tensile strength and durability to this form of vegan wool The product has been launched yet at commercial clothing units but testing efforts are underway. Soon, we can expect Woocao as the leading material for designing thermal wear. 


Liquid coconut is typically used in the food industry and the waste is thrown out. Clothing manufacturers are trying to convert liquid coconut into wool-based cellulose. An Australian-based clothing firm namely Nanollose is trying to use Nullorfor fabrics to design stylish forms of warm clothing. 


From coconut cellulose to wood cellulose, you have readily available plant-based ingredients to procure warm or thermal wear from. Why contribute to a cruelty-inflicted woolen industry when you know that commercially nonviable sheep and lambs are sent to slaughterhouses at the end of it? Place your comments in the Comment Section!

Info from- 8 Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics to Replace Wool - Without Plastic (plantbasednews.org)

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