Discover cruelty at the wool industry- Part I

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Sheep are gentle creatures that feel pain, trauma, and loneliness. However, in the wool industry, these animals are merely treated as wool-producing machines. So much bloodshed is involved in these gentle beings while their wool is sheared off. So, let us discover the rampant cruelty that is meted out to the creatures at wool-producing units:

Why do we need their fleece and skins?

Wool protects people against freezing cold temperatures. Wool is used for a variety of products ranging from rugs, carpets, woolen socks, sweaters, etc. Shearers, therefore, treat these animals are merely wool-producing machines.

These gentle animals are genetically manipulated so that more wool is made to grow on their bodies. These are animals that love grazing in grasslands and pasture lands. When they are left alone, enough wool grows, just to protect themselves against extreme temperatures. Their fleece keeps them insulated against heat and cold. 

Do shearers treat these animals in a gentle manner?

The answer is far away from a yes. Shearers are paid by the quantity of fleece or volumes of wool they generate from their sheep clan. They are not paid by the hour. This industry is like any other commercially viable animal abusive industry, without the least element of doubt. 

Again, as shearers are paid off in volumes, they want to get maximum yields of wool from every single sheep that is pinned down. These workers work in a careless manner with the least regard for the welfare of the sheep. They also work super fast sometimes clipping off the tails, teats, ears, eyes, and skin of the sheep. The rough wounds are sewn back using a needle and thread without using any form of pain relief. 

What did a PETA investigation reveal?

A PETA investigation was recently done across wool farms that are spread across the US and Australia. Rampant animal abuse was prevalent in as many as 30 wool-producing sheds. The workers were screaming at the sheep using a high degree of profanity. Some of the aggressive workers were stomping on the head and neck of the sheep. If this was not enough, these heartless workers were also found clipping the sheep using electric current and were then stomping the animals across their head, neck and hind limbs. One shearer was found to repeatedly twisting the neck of a sheep, and bent the nerves through which the neck was broken. The sheep collapsed on the spot. A worker was even found to wipe the urine of the sheep using its own body. Worst of all, if their private organs or tails were cut off, the blood shed these animals faced was neglected through out the shed. 

Again if you look at it, Australia alone, uses merino wool to design carpets, rugs and other forms of warm clothing. To get that super-soft variant of wool, sheep undergo a process namely ‘Mulesing’. In this process, workers shear off huge chunks of skin from the animal’s backsides without even providing these animals with pain killers. 


We will discover more about this form of cruelty via Segment II. Till then, stay tuned!

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