Discover cruelty at the Wool industry- Part 2

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In this segment, we are going to look at deeper insights into the high amount of cruelty meted out to sheep via wool-producing units. Let us get started on the same:

What happens to lambs?

This is a pitiable state the lambs are put through. The process is tedious and extremely painful for these gentle lambs. These lambs are pierced when they are just about 6-8 weeks old. In other words, their ears are hole-punched without any form of pain relief or sedation, as a matter of fact. Their tails are chopped off too. Next, happens the most painful step the lambs get to endure in the Woolen industry.

The male lambs are castrated without any relief, whatsoever. These lambs are anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks old. The process involves creating a painful incision across the lamb’s private organ and cutting through its testicles. Sometimes, a rubber ring is used to cut off the blood supply to the area so that the testicles fall off on their own. This is the most painful form of castration ever possible.  Again, when the lamb’s testicles do not fall off, workers or shearers just get them clipped off. Most of these lambs die when they are hardly 8 weeks old. This happens due to starvation. Again, mature sheep die when they are exposed to diseases. Sheep can become diseased when they are cramped in overcrowded sheds, as a matter of fact. Lack of shelter and neglect of animal welfare allows these sheep to die much before their drag to the slaughterhouses. 

What happens to the sheep and lambs that are no longer useful?

The unwanted sheep or lambs are exported from Australia to the Middle East via over crowded ships or container lorries, as a matter of fact. Here, they are starved from food or water. The trips can be highly excruciating for the animals. Almost 40% of the sheep or lambs collapse before their voyage to their slaughter houses. Here, you can confirm that animal welfare standards are completely non-existent. As the sheep or lambs are deprived of food or water, they develop diseases too. The fatigued animals are taken by their ears, hind legs or simply dragged off the ships into container lorries that take them enroute to slaughter sheds. Here, their throats are slit open while they are highly conscious.


So, when you contribute to the wool industry by purchasing woolen rain coats, sweaters or socks, you contribute to an abusive industry that is filled with cruelty and animal blood shed. There are plenty of brands that promote warm clothing that do not make use of animal hides or skins. So, what more are you waiting for?

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