Discover cruelty at the fishing industry- Part 2

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In this segment, we are going to look at insights pertaining to health hazards, human beings are subject to, by consuming fish. What are the environmental risks that account for overfishing? Detailed info will get covered with respect to the same. There was also a recent undercover study that was done to reveal the actual level of cruelty that was meted out to these gentle sea animals. Let us get you covered on each of them:

How does fishing impact the environment?

Before I answer this particular question of yours, let me give you a small evaluative experiment you must perform. There are many shipping vessels that travel in and out of seas. Do you have an idea of how much fuel and vehicular emissions these ships let out in the process? Hence shipping is an enormous activity that contributes to an increased rate of carbon emissions. The fumes that go underneath can impact coral reefs and lot many sea creatures that the fishing industry does not even cover. 

As you have guessed it right, aqua farming or what is known as ‘Commercial farming’ does have its share of environmental hazards, climate change scientists are constantly worried on. Factory farming done by the fisheries is the primary reason that eventually leads to toxic water conditions in seas or oceans, which Mother Nature created for us. Ammonia, nitrates, and parasites are ingested into the fish you consume on a regular or on periodic basis. Again, if you have a look at it, commercial trawlers, that fishing industries operate scrape out everything under the ocean floor including that consumable fish. In fact, 40 percent of the catch is discarded overboard as a result of bycatch. Dolphins, sea horses, and endangered sea animals that were hooked to bait nets sometimes have bleeding gills accounting for their untimely deaths or suffering. These species are not even used by fisheries for meat packing. 

Marine ecosystems enrich sea, ocean, and river water. If we damage marine ecosystems, we can accelate sea temperatures, and if this happens low-lying towns and cities around the world can get submerged under water. The ‘El nino effect or the global warming effect can happen faster than we had ever imagined. Climate scientists have predicted that seas can become empty without sea life as early as 2050. If this happens, slowly the oceans or seas will start drying up. 

Fishing Vs Your health

Consuming seafood and fish can pose a series of health hazards for human beings too. Many varieties of fish like tuna, swordfish, shark, and mackerel, contain abnormal quantities of Mercury. Pregnant women are at higher risk as mercury can affect the central nervous system of the young child inside a mom’s fetus. We are having quite a number of kids that are diagnosed with Autism or Down’s Syndrome across the US, UK, and Australia. There are certain contaminants that are present in fish. These include dioxins and PCBs. These components are linked to incidences of reproductive problems among men and women. These contaminants can also be linked with certain forms of Cancers. 

Those who eat fish or seafood periodically unknowingly consume about 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic each year. You know about the amount of plastic waste, industries and pharma companies dump inside the oceans. Tourists also drop water bottles or plastic covers inside oceans and they reach the beds. This is how plastic filaments can get into human bodies. This was according to the latest research as done by students of Plymouth University. Ingestion of plastic filaments can cause numerous problems for human beings. The common ones are inflammation and muscular degeneration. 

Survey or findings by undercover agents to expose the cruelty in the fishing industry

The undercover investigation was done by volunteers belonging to the ‘Animal Equality Group’. The investigators went on several boats to film the investigation. This was across the island of San Pietro. It was a grieving plight for a particular species of fish named the ‘Bluefin tuna’. The tuna were dragged onto boats, from the ocean, and they were violently struck with harpoons. The process was done again and again until every tuna was bludgeoned to death. The tuna struggled, choken and finally bled to death. The undercover investigation was also featured in the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’. 


With this we come to the end of the segment on Cruelty done to fish. Let us conserve our planet by consuming plant-based variations to fish. ‘Live and let live’ must be the pledge and motto of every individual who lives on the planet. 

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