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In a religious country like India, not many people have a taste for pork. Pork refers to pig meat. Sausages, hamburgers, and steaks are more popular delicacies across the West. These include the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Germany. However, we do have specials here that replicate the real taste of pork meat. Let us unveil from the store what these foods are:

Blue Tribe’s plant-based pork sausages

This is a plant-based sausage that tastes exactly the same way pork does. This is a product that is soy-free too, as a matter of fact. The sausages use plant-based ingredients that go into the making. These are sausages that are high in protein and low in sodium. Above all, the plant-based sausages are dairy-free, cholesterol-free, and dairy free. These sausages make the perfect option for an early morning breakfast the continental style. The only difference here is that you can relish a cruelty-free indulgence of your food palette, after all. Here is the store link for the product:

Blue Tribe Plant Based Spicy Pork Sausage 250 gms – Vvegano

Plant-based pepperoni from Blue Tribe

This is a high-protein non-GMO product that is 100% plant-based. This is a plant-based pork-based pepperoni that can set your heart on fire, as a matter of fact. These are pepperoni slices that can be used in a versatile number of ways, after all. You can top it up on pizzas, fill in between sandwiches, layer them in between burgers and add the slices to salads and quesadillas. The sheer goodness of the product makes it a kinder option for the planet. Here is the store link for the product:

Plant-Based Pork Pepperoni (125 gms) – Vvegano


When we have varied plant-based options to satiate our taste buds, why kill an innocent animal in the name of food? Go vegan. Save animals and be friendly to the planet. 

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