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We have dealt with environmental downsides pertaining to the meat and fishing industry. I have provided you with enough pointers and hints on how the meat industry, otherwise known as ‘Animal agriculture is causing havoc to the planet and marine ecosystems. Would you want to explore cruelty-free ingredients for your meaty recipes? Here, you are protecting your environment from further degradation. Plus, you are able to satiate your taste buds in a fulfilling manner. What are these?

You have mock meat specials from our very own store V Vegano. Log on to and you can discover mock meats that use plant-based ingredients without compromising on the taste or quality of the food recipe you intend to recreate. Helping you get started here:

Plant-based Chicken Nuggets

You can have your very own chicken nuggets from ingredients that are plant sourced. So, your chicken starters, need not go in for that embarrassing dent anymore. Made from cultured vegetable protein comprising soya chunks, oats, and dehydrated onions, you can never go wrong with this one.  You have healthy preservatives, breadcrumbs, and emulsifiers to add to the shelf life of the product. Try Shaka Harry’s Chicken Nuggets right away. Here is the description link to the same: 

Shaka Harry Just Like Chicken Hot and Spicy Plant Based Nuggets 250 gms – Vvegano

Blue Tribe Nuggets

Blue Tribe Chicken Nuggets is a premium brand that brings nuggets using carefully chosen plant-based ingredients. You have the base which is the vegetable protein that is exclusively made from soya chunks. Then, you have breadcrumbs, pea fiber, oils, and added flavors to give you the taste of the real-time one. You can air fry this version of plant-based nuggets too. So, what more are you waiting for? Here is the description link with respect to the same:

Blue Tribe Plant Based Chicken Nuggets 250 gms – Vvegano

You have varied other brands of Chicken Nuggets. Do check out the options from our store before the packs get sold out. 

Plant-based Chicken Popcorn

Do you want to add taste and crunch that replicates the flavor of Chicken popcorn? Yet, not one chicken was killed for the product to be made. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Made from cornflakes, corn starch, nutritional yeast, and healthy seasoning, your platter for availing starters so that you dine with a glass of wine or Rum isn’t far away. Check the brand right here:

Sudo Foods Plant Based Popcorn Chicken, 250g - Bengaluru Only – Vvegano

Shaka Harry’s Chicken parathas

This is yet another Chicken delicacy that is made from plant-based ingredients as a matter of fact. The stuffing is made from tomatoes, beetroot powder, whole wheat flour, soya, garlic spices, and oat cloves. Your choice of this one can never get you wrong over here. You must just pat the parathas on a heated tawa by adding veganized ghee or butter on both sides. The paratha is spicy and hot to be served with some kind of onion-garlic chutney. Go grab the link right here:

Shaka Harry Just Like Chicken Stuffed Paratha 250 gms – Vvegano

Sudo Plant-based Chicken Keema Samosa

This is a wonderfully curated platter, to help you with fritters for your tea/ coffee or dining tables. This is Sudo Plant-based Chicken Keema Samosa we have for you. This is a protein-rich samosa that has a meaty flavor added to it. Made from the goodness of refined wheat flour, wheat gluten, spices and condiments, pick salt, oils, and seasoning flavors, you are going to make your family fall in love with the Keema Samosas. Check for the description link right here:

Sudo-Plant Based Keema Samosa -250g - Bengaluru Only – Vvegano

Blue Tribe Chicken Seekh Kabab

Are you missing chicken seekh kebabs for your biryanis, gravies and salads? Well, we have completely got you covered here. Try our brand-new version of ‘Blue Tribe Chicken Seekh Kebab’ which only uses plant-based ingredients to have this premix pack curated. Made from fresh veggies like coriander, green chilis, onions, and mint, you have protein-rich soy folate that adds to the patty filling. Again the soy folate is soya chunks crushed into soy protein camouflaged with wheat-gluten and starch, yeast, besan, spices, and condiments to make this delicacy a mirror image of the original Chicken Seekh kebabs. The only difference is that a chicken or an egg-laying hen was not slaughtered for the recipe. Check the description link right here:

Blue Tribe Plant-Based Chicken Seekh Kebab – Vvegano

Food Ease Vegan butter chicken with rice

Nothing can beat the heat over butter chicken with rice. The aromatic flavor of chicken biryani is something even transitioning vegans are unable to get over. We have got you covered with a mock replica of the real-time one. Enjoy sumptuous lunch plates with our brand-new Vegan style butter chicken with rice. You have complete plant-based ingredients that go into the making. The brand is Food Ease, a leading pioneer in making plant-based meats. You have rich and premium ingredients like Kashmiri Red Chili, Onions, veg broth made from soya chunks, basmati rice, and other flavorful condiments. Check us out via the description link at:

FOODEASE READY TO EAT Vegan Soya Butter Chicken with Rice-425gm – Vvegano

Similarly, you have plant-based chicken momos, plant-based patties, and lot more on the store.


Chicken delicacies following plant-based style and their corresponding recipes are well covered here in my Mock Meats on Chicken. Similarly, I will be sharing the promo links for Mutton, fish, pork, etc. So, stay tuned for more delightful mock meats without harming a single animal out there. Live and let live is our motto. 

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