Grab Exciting Vegan Ice cream Tubs From VVegano!

These are exciting vegan flavors worth drooling over! Your very own plant-based store VVegano is offering you some irresistible flavors you can never say no to! Come on, let us move on to discover what these are:

Go Zero Guilt free happiness

This is dairy-free ice cream wherein naturally sourced ingredients go into the making to get you the tub you truly deserve. Made from the purest form of Alphonso mangoes, you can never go wrong with the choice of this one! You have mango pulp infused with water. Similarly, you have luscious coconut milk from which the ice cream is made. This is where you get a perfect and luscious ice cream tub after all. Plus, you have peach fruit scrapings, almond butter, pure sunflower oil, glucose, edible vegetable proteins, emulsifiers, and stabilizers to give the product shelf life. You get the tub for an affordable price range of INR 275 per tub and this dairy-free frozen dessert is surely going to melt your heart.

Go Zero- Vegan Alphonso & Peach-300ml-Mumbai Only – Vvegano


Berry blast- a plant-based gelato

This is a dairy-free frozen delicacy made from ingredients sourced by Mother Nature. You have an assortment of berries that give the decadent flavor a taste of its own. Made from the goodness of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, and blackberries, can you ever go wrong with the choice of this one? The ice cream tub is infused with whipped coconut cream and coconut milk that make the ice cream super delicious and luscious too! The flavor is available to the residents of Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai. Go grab the flavor before all the tubs are sold out!

Nomou Berry Blast Plant Based Gelato, 500Ml [Made With Natural Ingredi – Vvegano


Go Zero chocolate

Tell me, who doesn’t like chocolate? When you get a vegan chocolate icecream tub, how good does that sound! Well, your long time prayers have now been answered. VVegano, comes with Go Zero Chocolate, a luscious dairy-free frozen dessert indeed! The ice cream tubs are made from rich and flavorful ingredients like vegan choconibs, cocoa solids, coconut milk, almond butter, vegetable oil and emulsifiers to give this decadent flavor a winning touch! The ice-cream flavour is available to the residents of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai Main. Again, this delicious icecream tub is super-affordable too. Grab yours right away!

Go Zero- Vegan OMG Chocolate-300ml-Mumbai Only – Vvegano


Minus thirty Dark Chocolate

This is a vegan ice cream made from the goodness of almond milk. Made from almond milk, almond butter, cocoa solids and stevia, this is a dairy-free ice cream that diabetic patients can have too. You get a super-rich delicious homemade icecream that is free from harmful chemicals or preservatives too. This is indulgence 200%. Grab your tub and see how this delicious icecream melts your cravings away!

Minus Thirty Dark Chocolate Almond Milk Ice Cream Vegan and Sugar Free – Vvegano


Ice creams serve healthy dessert options for the young and the old. You can also make vegan ice cream flavors using ingredients that are available at your kitchen counter top. These are super-delicious and super-easy to prepare too. Vegan ice creams can be home made or bought from a store. And, there is nothing you miss out on when you switch over to a plant based diet. 

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