Discover Vegan Restaurants in Dharamshala

This is the ongoing festive season, as a matter of fact. Navratri is also going to commence. This is the time of the year when devotees all over India take pilgrimage trips. You also have devotees or pilgrims from abroad thronging to their places of worship. Come on, let us discover some of the authentic vegan restaurants in and around our favorite pilgrim spot, ‘The Dharamshala’.

Divine Nature

This is a restaurant that is 100% vegan. You can try fresh garden salads, organic rice, and rice cakes that are made from plant-based ingredients only. This is a vegan restaurant that is located on Dharamkot road in Bhagsu Nag. As a person who is a vegan to show compassion and love towards animals, this is a cafe cum restaurant you will fall in love with!

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Crepe Pancakes

This is an authentic cafe cum resto bar that is 100% vegan friendly. You can try out their delicacies like tofu scrambles, vegan chocolate cakes, coconut-based pancakes, and soy milkshakes. This cafe is located at Jogiwara Road in McLeod Ganj across the state of Dharamshala. You can enjoy authentic vegan savories with your friends and family. 

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Snow Lion

This is yet another vegan restaurant you find across Jogiwara Road in McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala. Do not miss out on the cafe’s plant-based delicacies like Tofu veg salad, sizzlers, and vegan thupka. The French fries you get here are golden brown, crispy, and yummy too. Your friends can enjoy the time of their life here at this vegan-friendly resto-bar. 

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Lung Ta

This is a Japanese restaurant you cannot afford to skip on. You can avail vegan-friendly dishes and snack bars out here at the Lung Ta Cafe here in Dharamshala. You can try out the cafe’s hot favorites like Tofu Sea Weed Veg Salad, Tempura, and authentic fresh juices too. The place is located across McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala. Bring your friends and folks here for an evening extravaganza. 

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Takhyil Peace Cafe

Tell me, who doesn’t like momos? When you get the dumplings inside the momos done the vegan style, it does double up the enjoyment quotient. You can try vegan noodles, soup, and their tasty array of momos right here at the Takhyil Peace Cafe. Again, this is a vegan-friendly locale situated across the McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala. 

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