Veganism and Sustainability: Quick-fix products for first-timer vegans

Is this the first time you have ever decided to go vegan? Well, we all have been there. Now, there must be hundreds of questions that volley into your mind. How Can I live without dairy products? Will I fall into a protein or calcium deficiency? How will I convince my friends and relatives about my dietary choices? Can I sustain a vegan lifestyle all through my life? Do I have an open-ended community with whom I can share my concerns or anxiety? 

For most of us out there, this becomes an emotional switch rather than a physical one. But this is just one question you must ask yourself. Do you love animals and have you taken up veganism to sustain a compassionate lifestyle? If the answer to this question is an emphatic yes, then I guess there must absolutely be no looking back. You know that you will receive answers for all of your above-stated queries either in the long run or in the shorter run. And, yes we do have an open-ended community with which you can share your experiences. You can share your anxieties or first-time experiences out there. More experienced vegans will be more than happy to help you with a smoother transition to this particular lifestyle. On this note, let me introduce some quick-fix ingredients or staples you can stack up so that you are able to follow a plant-based lifestyle on a consistent basis. 


Tell me, how many of you are addicted to your tea or coffee? You would need your daily cup of chai to help you carry out your daily chores in a hassle-free manner. Isn’t this true with most of us? Well, you have numerous brands that sell dairy-free milk for you to indulge in your everyday routine. You have a variety of plant-based milk to choose from. 

GoodMylk is a brand that provides easy subscription plans on milk, curds, and varied forms of dairy products. You can place your orders on a weekly or on monthly basis. Goodmylk is cashew and oat milk that is available to you in a rich and creamy form. You can boil this variant of milk the same way you do with dairy. I have made my hot cups of drinking chocolate, chai, and coffee with this milk. And trust me, the taste is even better as compared to the dairy milk I used to consume before going Vegan. 


Curds are a must-have staple in any Indian household, as a matter of fact. You require curds to make a variety of recipes under the sun. These include Punjabi Kadhi, Dum Biryani, Marinated Bhindi Sabji, Paneer butter masala, and lot many others. Again, curd rice is a go-to food for any typical south Indian out there! So, this is more of an emotional thing that is deep-rooted into each of our lives, traditions, and customs.

GoodMylk is again a brand you can go for. Their Peanut-based curd is a hot favorite among even experienced vegans out there. You can have your rich and creamy curd rice any part of the day. You can make kadhis, Rava idlis, or any other staple that make use of curds or yogurt as the base or the primary ingredient. Again trust me, the curds taste yummy and better than dairy curds. 

Ghee/ Butter

As a matter of fact, ghee is clarified butter. You cannot do away without ghee for most of the desi-recipes out there. You would want to smother a dollop of ghee onto your parathas, phulkas, or even sandwiches. You add ghee for Rava-Pongal, sambhar rice, and biryanis too. Again, most of the Indian sweets or sweet-tooth delicacies make use of ghee as their base or primary ingredient. So, where is the solution to the same?

Well, vegan ghee is the solution to this. You have cold-pressed coconut or soy oil that is made into flavored ghee. As this is a plant-based ingredient, you have minerals, antioxidants, and much-needed Vitamins in their purest form. Hence, plant-based ghee is any day better for your heart health as compared to, dairy ghee. Emkay is a brand that provides plant-based ghee at pocket-friendly prices. You have plant-based ingredients that go into the making, while the ghee is being manufactured. GoodMylk has recently introduced cartons of ghee although this is slightly expensive. Avadh is cooking ghee that easily replaces dairy ghee. This is a mix of healthy hydrogenated oils. Vitamin A and D are fortified too. 

Online stores/ E-Commerce

However, we as humans have accustomed ourselves to varied other products. Some of the transitioning vegans crave meats. Some of us would want paneer or ice-cream tubs. Baking enthusiasts love to use nut butter for baking croissant buns, sourdough bread, cookies, fruit cakes, muffins, brownies, and, so on. Hence, you have A to Zee of plant-based products to sustain a vegan lifestyle on a consistent level. You have a plant-based store namely V Vegano. Log on . Vegan Dukan is also an e-commerce store that can ship out your vegan supplies right there at your doorstep. 


Hence for a first-timer vegan, this is an online guide that can help you sail through the transitioning process. Again, you must reengineer your mind to sustain vegan ethics. How much ever your friends, relatives, or colleagues mock you or suggest you go back to your good old days, you must stay your mind firm on keeping up with your ethics. After all, your compassionate outlook, towards earthlings you share the planet with, has pre-empted you to take this decision in the first place. So, once you have decided to go vegan, then there should ideally be no looking back. 

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