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Wishing all of you advance wishes for a happy and prosperous Diwali. As a friendly vegan community, this is my humble appeal to each one of you to go dairy-free. We can recreate a rich array of Diwali sweets and savories to make the day a fulfilling one. I can suggest gift hampers from our very own store, V Vegano. You also have complete plant-based sweet stores done by vegan samaritans around other parts of India. Let me get started:

Diwali Celebration Hamper - Vegan – Vvegano

You have an array of Diwali goodies that are 100% plant-based. You have the following items that are curated into this delectable hamper.

  1. Lotus Biscoff- 250 gm
  2. GoodMylk plant-based chocolates- 50 gm each- Assorted flavors- 3 in number
  3. Slicc Oat-based choco drink- 200 ml
  4. Sesame Chakli- 100 gms
  5. Black and Green’s Avocado Butter- You can utilize this flavourful butter while baking cookies or biscuits at home
  6. Isvaari Cocoa butter- 100 gm
  7. Kivu Cocoa Vegan Choco cookies- 150 gm
  8. Maple Joe- Canadian-based maple syrup- 250 gm
  9. The Culture Co. Kombucha- 330 ml

Hence, you have a mix of plant-based butter, imported maple syrup, oatmeal drink, cookies, chocolates, and Kombucha drink all power-packed into the same hamper. 

Meethi Kahani’s Badam Peda

This is a flavourful peda made from the richness of almonds, raw sugar, and vegan ghee. The sweet is a classic for vegans who crave their delectable array of traditionally woven sweets, every now and then. Just that, now, you have a whole vegan twist added to it. Here, is the link if you want to order your pack right away:

Meethi Kahani's Badam Peda – Vvegano

You can also choose to order packs for your friends, relatives, and colleagues as well. This is considered a courtesy protocol while you go to their homes with your Diwali wishes. 

Methi Kahani’s Motichur Ladoo

Motichur ladoos is an all-time favorite for each one of us. This is a 100% vegan-based gram flour ladoo made from the richness of rice-bran oil, melon seeds, cardamom, and raw sugar, as a matter of fact. You can order your pick in two different size cartons:

350 grams box- Comprising of 18 ladoos and

750 grams box- Comprising of 38 ladoos

Order your packs right away before they get sold out. 

Meethi Kahani's Boondi Laddoo – Vvegano

Meethi Kahani’s Kaju Katli- a sweet you can never say no to

Kaju Katli is a nostalgic delicacy you have been reminiscing about, right from your childhood days. With an all-new vegan twist added to the same, how can you ever say no to it? You have 100% plant-based ingredients added to the sweet carton so that you can live your life guilt-free. Taste veganized Kaju katlis made from the richness of cashews, raw sugar, and vegan ghee! Order your packs right away. This is the link for you:

Meethi Kahani's Kaju Katli – Vvegano

100% Plant-based Cham Cham

Cham-Cham is a traditional Bengali sweet made from khoya and rich milk. You can add a plant-based twist to it when you order the same traditional sweet from your plant-based store, V Vegano. In order to make the chenna, dry fruits, nuts, and melon seeds formulate the stuffing. You have raw sugar and vegan ghee to make the sweet in a traditional setting. It comes to you in greenish and orangish shades because of the natural ingredients with which the cham-cham is made. Do try it out at least once. 

Meethi Kahanis Vegan Cham Cham – Vvegano

Vijay Sweets- 100% plant-based

If you want to have your sweet-tooth fulfilling done, this is a 100% plant-based store based out of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. You get authentic varieties of Mysore Pak, Thirunalveli halwa, badusha, and ladoos curated using plant-based ingredients. You can also order for soan papdi, dil kush, chaklis, and other traditional sweets that use ingredients like raw sugar, veganized ghee, and nuts. You can avail sweet packs at an entirely cost-effective wallet too. Check their website right away!

India's first vegan sweets store – vijaysweets


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