Plant-based staples from VVegano to celebrate Diwali in style


Here comes Diwali. And, it is time you stack up your shelves with plant-based goodies. This way, you get fantastic discounts from your very own plant-based store VVegano. You can log on to

Varieties of Milk

You have a variety of milk products you can choose from the plant-based store. These are dairy free variants of milks that use 100% plant-based ingredients. Let us check out some branded labels on the same:

  1. Urban platter unsweetened Almond milk- Here is the description link for the product:

Urban Platter Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 Litre – Vvegano

  1. Epigamia dairy-free almond milk- Buy Epigamia Vegan Almond Milk 1 Ltr Pack Online – Vvegano

  1. So Good almond Milk- 1 litre of the unsweetened version- So Good Almond Milk Unsweetened 1Ltr Tp – Vvegano

  1. Good Mylk- Cashew and oat-based milk- Good Mylk Regular 1 Ltr - Cashew And Oat, Plant Based Milk Alternative – Vvegano

  1. So good- Cashew based milk- So Good Cashew Almond Milk 1 Ltr Pack Online – Vvegano

  1. Only Earth- Unsweetened Coconut Milk- Only Earth Coconut Milk Unsweetened - 1 Litre – Vvegano

  1. CocoMama- Dairy-free coconut milk- Cocomama Coconut Milk 250 Ml Tp – Vvegano

  1. Isvaari Unsweetened Coconut milk- Isvaari Unsweetened Coconut Milk 400gm – Vvegano

You can make milk pedas, rice kheer, semiya kheer, milk burfis, 7-cup cakes and lot many dairy rich sweets using these assorted versions of plant-based milks. 

Dairy-free ghee

You may definitely use ghee to drizzle those cashews and almonds while making your cups of gajar or sooji halwa. To make ghee-based mysore pak or restaurant styled badam halwa, you must add liberal doses of ghee. When you have plant-based ghee, you can celebrate your festive season in a guilt-free manner. Let us check what these brands are:-

  1. Emkay Vegan ghee- Emkay Lite Interesterified Veg Fat. Vegan Ghee 500 Ml - Plant Based, D – Vvegano

  1. One Good- Plant-based ghee- One Good - Plant Based Ghee- 500ml-Mumbai Only – Vvegano

  1. Liv Yum Premium Vegan ghee- Live Yum Premium Vegan Ghee 450ml - Palm Oil Free – Vvegano

  1. Golden Vhee- Plant based Clarified Butter- Homecraft-Plant-based Golden Vhee(Ghee)-500ml – Vvegano

Dairy-free Curds

You may want to woo your guests for Diwali. This is that time of the year wherein you make biryanis, marinated sabjis, paneer butter masalas, bhurjis, etc. Most of these recipes make use of yoghurt or what is known as ‘Curds’. Let us check out dairy-free labels on the same:

  1. Good Mylk- Vegan based Peanut curd- Good Mylk Vegan Peanut Curd 1Kg-Mumbai Only – Vvegano

  1. One Ness Cashew yoghurt- 1Ness Vegurt Non Dairy Set Yogurt 400Gm - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

  1. Soy Curds- Soyfit Soya Dahi - 500G - Dairyfree, Vegan - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

  1. Almond yoghurt- High Protein Probiotic ALMOND YOGHURT -Dairy & Soya Free -Pack of 3 - – Vvegano

  1. Coconut yoghurt- Epigamia Coconut Milk Yoghurt- Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt - Unsweetened - Pack Of 6 - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

Baking products

You can make home-made cup cakes, dairy-free muffins, croissant buns, tooti-fruity buns and crispy biscuits to treat friends, relatives or to distribute as gift packs to office colleagues. The primary staple for dairy-free baking is ‘Nut butter’. Let us check brands we have in store for you:

  1. Peanut butter with dates- The Whole Truth - Peanut Butter with Dates - Crunchy | All Natural | G – Vvegano

  1. Jus amazing Peanut butter- Jus Amazin Crunchy Organic Peanut Butter With Flax and Sunflower Seeds – Vvegano

  1. Peepal Farm Almond Butter- Peepal Farm Almond Butter - Handmade, Unsweetened, 100% Roasted Almond – Vvegano

  2. Fidra Almond Butter with Dark Chocolate- Fidra Products Almond Butter with Dark Chocolate - 270gm – Vvegano

You can make a variety of home-made chocolates using this deliciously creamy spread.

  1. Elysian Cashew Butter- Elysian Cashew Butter - 100% Roasted Cashews – Vvegano

  1. Vegan Foods Cashew Butter- Vegan Foods Cashew Butter – Vvegano

Dairy-free Paneer

Can you afford to skip out Paneer butter masala or paneer labrador this Diwali? For Naans, Rotis or Jeera Rice, paneer becomes the absolute option. Let us check on dairy-free versions of the same:

  1. SoyFit Soya Paneer- Soyfit Soya Paneer - Regular 200G - Pack Of 1 - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

  1. GoodMylk- Cashew-based paneer- Goodmylk Plant Based Paneer - 200 G - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

  1. Morinaga Silken tofu- Morinaga Silken Tofu, Firm, 349 g – Vvegano

  1. 1 Ness Veganeer- 1Ness Veganeer 200G - Mumbai Only – Vvegano

You can also make curries or stir-fries using cubes of plant-based cottage cheeses that are available at the online store.


You have all the plant-based ingredients to celebrate your Diwali in style. You just need to maintain your compassionate heart to save millions of animals that get slaughtered for milk or for dairy products alone. Let each one of us pledge to live life without harming any other living organism on the planet!

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