Eco-friendly Dolls You Can Get For Navratri

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Navratri is never complete without the symmetrical arrangement of dolls. We call it ‘Golu’. You have these dolls arranged like a series of steps. You have larger idols that are placed at the last step of the Golu stand. While you have birds, animals, and smaller idols of Hindu Gods, and Goddesses occupying the lower tiers of the stand. You have the famous ‘Dasavatharam’ set occupying the last shelf of the Golu stand. It is typically believed that Lord Mahavishnu incarnated himself in ten avatars to protect and serve mankind. Starting from a turtle until Lord Kalki, we have ten incarnations. The iconic characters include Turtle, fish, Vamana, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, and so on. 

Newer themes are added to households celebrating Navratri in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mysore. You can include jungle themes, seawater warming, and contests are held for Golu decoration too. You can have the serial lighting set up reverberating through the dolls and your creative themes too. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to choose cruelty-free eco-friendly dolls this Navratri. Let me introduce to you what these are:


Terracotta is a form of glossy pottery indeed. The dolls are made from specially curated clay mud and the niche can take in to make dolls of any size or stature. You can choose terracotta dolls to arrange your Golu shelves in a vibrant manner indeed. These are eco-friendly and make use of cruelty-free ingredients too. You can get a customized artist to do terracotta dolls that can later take center stage on your showcase cabinets post-completion of Navaratri. 

Wooden toys

You can opt for a customized set of wooden toys to add a festive vibe to your doll decoration indeed. You can opt for wooden idols of your favorite gods and goddesses. The deities are available to you in a multitude of hues and designs. These are highly compatible and act as ornamental pieces for your showcase cabinets too. The dolls are eco-friendly and are highly durable as a matter of fact. 


Paper mesh dolls are so much in demand. Artisans across the world look for innovative dollmaking ideas using paper mesh. Again, paper is a 100% plant-based ingredient. So, paper mesh dolls are definitely eco-friendly and are durable too. Thanjavur paper mesh dolls are highly in demand for this year’s Navratri Golu. 

Jute dolls

You get puppet dolls made from jute. The caricatures are so adorable and cute to deck them into your Golu stands. You can get jute dolls as they are made from jute which is a highly eco-friendly material as a matter of fact. Key chain stands or windchimes can also be added as ornamental themes for the upcoming Navrathri.


You can wisely shop for eco-friendly dolls and toys from online stores that can cater to your independent requirements. Plus, you have the dolls delivered to you at your doorstep. These are highly well-informed choices that do not make use of nature-harming or synthetic materials. You want to celebrate the festival without harming ‘Mother Earth. Happy shopping!

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