Creative Return Gifts You Can Opt For Navratri

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Navrathri is also fondly known as Dussera. This is a festive occasion that is celebrated for 9 days of the year. There is also a mythological story attached to how the concept of Dussera was being brought out. It is believed that Lord Rama fought with Ravana on his battalion field in Lanka and brought back Sita, his wife. The fight took place for 9 long days before Rama emerged victorious and destroyed the mighty demon ‘Ravana’. Hence, you have Dussera celebrated for 9 days of the year. People burn effigies of Ravana on the 10th day, marking the demolition of evil and the upbringing of righteousness. Hence, on the 10th day, we celebrate ‘Vijayadashmi’. Vijayadashmi translates into the ‘Day of Victory. Hence, whatever you undertake on the day of Vijayadashmi, you will be successful at it. That is the primary reason why kids are sent to schools or enroll themselves in classical music classes on the day of Vijayadashmi. 

Know-how on celebrations

As you have already seen via the previous blog, people keep dolls decked up. Fondly known as ‘Golu’. The shelves of the ‘Golu stand’ are adorned with Hindu Gods, Goddesses, and deities. You also have other creative themes households do to celebrate ‘Navrathri in a grand and vibrant manner. You may keep the steps in odd numbers. Like homemakers keep the doll stands for 3,5,7,9 and 11 respectively. Dolls of all shapes and sizes adorn the ‘Golu stands’. The popular themes are ‘Lakshmi-Parvati-Saraswathi’ and Dasavatharam

During this time of the year, ladies call their friends, relatives, and neighbors who witness the Golu that is displayed in each of their homes. The custom tradition is that the hosting family gives away Thambools or returns gifts to people who come over to their homes for witnessing their Golu. In this segment, we are going to have a look at trendy themes with which one can buy return gifts for people who keep ‘Golu’ in their homes. Let us have a run down into what these are:

Potli bags

You get beautiful cloth-based potli bags that can be an exotic return gift option, after all. You can go for jute-based potli bags that make an exotic return gift option. You can give away vibrant potli bags to guests who come over to visit the Golu or artifacts on display. Potli bags resemble sling bags with laces attached to them. You can put your ornaments like necklaces, cash, jewels, or even ear studs into the same. It looks lovely when you carry a potli bag over your sari or any other form of traditional attire.

Traditional thambools

A typical thambool comprises the following items on display:

  1. Beetle leaves and chestnuts
  2. A form of fruit like oranges, bananas (Some people keep coconuts)
  3. A small form of money like five or ten rupee coins
  4. Prashad for the Navrathri evening
  5. Packs of Haldi-Kumkum and
  6. Blouse pieces for ladies who come for the Navrathri function 

90% of the households who celebrate Navrathri go with the idea of a traditional thambool when it comes to giving the recipients with. Again, you can add bindi packs, bangles, combs, and mirrors along with the thambool packs. 

Fancy products

You can go in for something fancy if you have a little extra to spend from your wallet. You can buy 100 pieces of trendy key chains, jute dolls, or flower vases that go as trendy gifting options. You can avail of combo options at discounted prices as well.

These can be memorable return gift options that your friends or neighbors can really adore you for! 

Wooden artifacts

Again, you can wear your creative hat on when it comes to choosing exotic return gifts for your Navrathri friends. You can choose wooden artifacts that can really be a creative and thoughtful gifting option. Affordable wooden cutlery sets, stylish coffee mugs, wooden bangles, or even pen stands can be availed from online stores or through retail establishments. D-Mart sells wooden ware at pocket-friendly rates. Why not go for the steal!


We have discussed eco-friendly and creative return gifts to offer your guests with. Make your Navrathri the best time of the year wherein you connect with friends, relatives, and neighbors out there. 

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