Choose creative clothing for Diwali

Did you know that at least 10,000 silkworms are boiled alive so one silk sari is weaved and brought to your doorstep? Trillions of silkworms are killed for their cocoon and this way your silk saris, sherwanis, and silk Kurtis are designed for your festive wear. That is the primary reason why we vegans ditch wearing silk clothing. Let us discover more creative pieces of clothing that are PETA-certified and cruelty-free

Art Silk/ Raw Silk

Saris are definitely on the must-haves for women when it comes to celebrating Diwali in style and luxury! Instead of buying silk saris that are highly cruelty-inflicted, you can go in for vegan silk saris. These are raw silk and art saris that are more sustainable with respect to the ingredients that get into the making. 

Bamboo trees are crushed in order to make your linen. However, you get a satin-like texture to the clothing. This is how your raw silk is obtained. Again, vegan-silk gets its clothing texture from lotus stalks. The flowers are cut out from the blossoming stems. These stems are utilized by clothing manufacturers to create rich and durable forms of vegan silk. Check out beautiful varieties of vegan silk saris from an online store. You can also avail art-silk saris that are made from nylon instead of the real one.


You can also avail of sherwanis made from non-silk materials. You can avail jacquard prints. Jacquard prints refer to computer aided printing of yarn. So, typically bamboo silk or raw silk can also be used. Nylon, polyester or chemically derived threads can also take in innumerable variety of jacquard designs without making use of silk. You can choose vegan silk sherwanis or cruelty free sherwanis from online stores or via retail establishments. 

Personalized tees

You can add a personalized touch to your festive bling after all. You can print ‘Happy Diwali’ using a myriad of acrylic paints or fabric shades to add a festive design on a plain white or plain blue tee. You can choose ‘Celebrate Diwali green’. Or, you can paint environmental friendly slogans to the personalized set of clothing you opt wearing for Diwali 2022. 

100% Cotton Kurtis and palazzo pants

You can opt for Cotton kurtis may be like a ‘tye-and-dye pattern to add to the fun and frolic during the onset of the festive season. You can also buy trendy cotton palazzo pants that can provide an Indo-Western tinge to your sense of clothing. 

Rayon Clothing

You can opt for festive ‘Salwar Kameez’ made from rayon. Again, rayon is a thread processed via chemically-derived yarn. Rayon salwar kameezes can be little heavier. Rayon based lehengas are also in trend fashion for the festive occasion. 


When you have so many cruelty-free options on clothing, why do you contribute to the massacre of silk worms? Ditch silk and go for cruelty-free clothing this Diwali 2022. 

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