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  • Enjoy the unique taste of papad made from wholesome and organically grown jackfruit.The raw jack fruit is boiled, mashed, pressed and sun-dried to prepare tasty jackfruit papad, which is locally known as ‘halasina hannu happala’ in North Karnataka. A dash of chilli powder is added for a touch of flavour. These crunchy papads can be used as snacks, as an  accompaniment with rice or biryani, or for garnishing.



  • Jackfruit Papads  can be had as a snack or appetizer, or as an accompaniment with rice or biryani. There are a lot innovative ways to create delicious snacks and munchies out of these crunchy papads.
  • Tasty snacks can be prepared with these fruit papads by topping it with  onions, green chillies, tomatoes, coriander leaves and a bit of green chutney to enhance the taste. 



  • Jackfruit is a store house of micro-nutrients and macro nutrients, and is rich in dietary fibre. It releases instant energy as it is easily digestible.
  • The calcium content in it helps to strengthen your bones. Being a good source of pottasium, it helps to regulate  blood pressure.


The Earth Reserve strives to create a space where one can indulge in Nature’s goodness, while encouraging sustainable practices, and supporting homemakers, farmers and local artisans.

Taking care of the earth we live in is our responsibility, and at The Earth Reserve we take this seriously.

'Plastic pollution' has become a grave concern. It has adversely affected the soil, waterways, wildlife, its habitats and us all. For this reason, to the extent possible, they avoid the use of plastic in their packaging. If they do use plastic, they ensure that it is not only reusable, but biodegradable as well.

Pesticides and fertilizers pose a threat not just to the health and safety of people, but to that of wildlife and its habitats as well. The Earth Reserve encourages sustainable practices that avoid the use of such chemicals, and supports farmers who painstakingly and with utmost care engage in farming using sustainable methods.

In everything they do, they strive to do it in a way that would have the least negative impact on the environment. Let us all join together in this effort to ease the burden on the earth and its inhabitants.
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