What Vishisht has to say -  

Handmade, natural and chemical free - All the products we offer you are handmade and prepared in fresh batches. The ingredients that we use are 100% natural and majority of them are certified organic to ensure that we provide you with a great quality product. 

We do not add any synthetic materials,stabilizers, preservatives etc. to adjust the form and consistency in our formulations as such our products come with an expiry period of one year and are delivered in their natural form. 

We also do not add any nasty chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrance, phthalates etc. These chemicals are very harmful for the skin and may lead to various diseases and skin problems in the future. We believe nature has provided us with all the resources we need which is why we use natural ingredients like pure grade carrier oils, unrefined butters and pure essential oils in our products. We have mentioned the ingredients used in each product in the respective product`s page.