The Whole Truth

Ever wondered why most brands hide their ingredient list, in microscopic font, at the back? Why you’re made to stare, squint eyed, at the crimp, just to figure out what your food is made of?

As an obese kid trying to eat healthy, I used to ask these questions everyday. I never got an answer, so I did my own research.

Brands hide what goes into their food, because they have something to hide.

Because they’d rather have you drool over fake pictures of molten, drippy chocolate, than have you discover that your food contains artificial sugars and preservatives and other hard-to-pronounce chemicals.

In the name of ‘healthy’, we’re being sold a bunch of lies. And I was done being lied to. So I, along with a few like-minded (and equally betrayed) folks, started The Whole Truth.

Our purpose is simple. We make food so clean, we can proudly declare every single ingredient that goes into it, upfront. And we can speak the whole truth, because we have #nothingtohide.

Founder. CEO. Obese kid. Fit adult. Hell bent on setting packaged food right.

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