The Happy Calf

We are a Bangalore based vegan start-up incubated at IIM-B, who believe in spreading happyness & compassion through food. At Happy Calf we aspire to be a one-stop destination for plant-based dairy-alternative products, that are free from preservatives, free from additives, free from pesticides and free from cholesterol.

Join our journey in discovering the world of plant-based alternatives; experience the essence of living healthy by going dairy-free. We strive to find innovative ways to serve preservative-free products which are minimally processed, and nutritionally rich. Every single product that goes out of our door is made from fresh, locally sourced, naturally grown ingredients; which are processed by trained, local women (plant mylk maker) at our semi-automatic Happy Calf manufacturing centre.

Happy Calf Products
The main ingredient of our products are tree nuts, legumes and seeds

Our products do not contain any ingredients that come from dairy or any other animals. They are thus cholesterol-free as well

Preservative free
We believe that the products should retain their natural shelf-life without manipulating the ingredients, Hence our product are free from preservatives, stabiliser, additives, etc

Exceptional Ingredients
Our ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and are high grade quality only. No compromises

Peanut Colada:
Delicious quench, a native flavour of Southern and Western parts of India, unlike any spice blend on earth, aromatic to the extreme, and if you like, highly addictive. These unique brews are non-dairy, fermented nut milk-based drinks, unlike anything you’ve tasted. Experience fermented nut milk drink like never before. Our colada is a proxy for dairy-based buttermilk that is good for health, rich in probiotics and free from cholesterol. Made from carefully sourced, pesticide-free peanuts.

Curry leaf
The inescapable flavour of curry leaves dominates Southern and Western India. This drink pays homage to this much loved ingredient with a its own unique twist.
With the zesty kick from the Manglorean kokum and a dash of heat from green chilies, this flavour combo will instantly transport your senses to the lush Konkan coast.
Mint leaf
This hot and zesty drink packs a flavour punch. A timeless combination of flavours with the goodness of nut milk delivers a cooling sensation to the body.

Cashew Parmesan sprinkles:
A cashew based parmesan cheese sprinkles that can be used as cheesy- flavoured, taste enhancer in any dish. Spoon some Greek Salad into your bowl, season with freshly ground pepper and sprinkle a heaven's delight of our parmesan sprinkles. And oh ! the aroma when you sprinkle it on dosa, so cheesy.
Sprinkle it on anything!!.
Sprinkle it on dosa, chapati, popcorn, noodles or salad to give the cheesy flavor
- Add a little water and transform it into a dip
- Cover the bread with sprinkles, add some veggies and munch away
- Add water as per your preferred consistency to make some cheesy pasta


Vendor Legal Name:  Sama Vegan Foods

Registered Address:  #116, OMH colony, T.Dasarahalli, Bangalore-560057

Nature of Entity: Private Limited Company

Customer Care number:  +91 9916238377

Country of Manufacture: India

For any Grievances:
Name of Officer: Anushree Kamath
Designation: Founder
Contact: +91 9916238377