The Blue Sheep Foods LLP

Dagan’s founders are travelers. Through their travels, they managed to uncover the best foods, specific geographic regions across the world have to offer. They enjoyed these products and have now taken up to themselves to introduce the same to discerning customers across the world.

Dagan is naive. Born in the 21st century but rooted in the early millenniums, we believe in age old methods of growing, harvesting and consuming food; as food always meant to be nothing; but natural. The ingredients and produce that we offer aren’t necessarily new. Most have been around since thousands of years and you have tasted them at the best restaurants, in preparation by the most celebrated chefs across the world. Dagan now brings the same to your kitchens and dining table straight from farms curated by the most knowledgeable curators spread globally. Our benchmark for a Dagan farm: slow farming, letting the nature shower its magic in its own time.

We are following the footsteps of Dagan; the lord of fertility and agriculture, delivering the best of foods believed to boost your health, keep your mind prosperous and enhance your longevity. Every batch of every produce is limited edition. Every offering is rare and topnotch within its genre; available only in limited quantities in specific regions of excellence across the world.