Sihi Chocolaterie

Our journey began when the news of chocolate extinction coincided with a young determined farmer wanting to learn the right way to harvesting, fermenting and grading Cacao Beans. Chocolate extinction will soon be a reality, if we continue to abuse Cacao trees with synthetics and improper harvesting as it is done today. Our small bit to let live the world’s tastiest creation.  


We at Sihi make Chef’s favorite ingredients, professional Couvertures and Cacao. Raw material that goes into it is a result of the finest beans carefully harvested and graded by farmers. The trees of which are grown in the highly bio diverse regions of the Deccan plateau. A small step taken beyond commercial organic farming to keep all the micro nutrients. In the process of making, our customized scientific roast temperatures enhance the antioxidant profile, making it 7 times richer in antioxidants. Our Desi sugar, Khandsari additionally adds minerals to make it a wholesome Cacao Experience that is guilt free. 


Our products have

7 times more antioxidants | No emulsifier | No White sugar | Vegan | Chemical Free

Vendor Legal Name: Sihi Chocolaterie
Registered Address: 375, 8th Cross, 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560011
Nature of Entity: Private Limited Company
Customer Care number: +91 9538713030
Country of Manufacture: India

For any Grievances:
Name of Officer: Akshaya Babu
Designation: Founder
Contact: +91 9538713030