In 2021, Rahul Parakh (Founder & CEO) started RawRX in response to some of his troubling encounters with trying to solve chronic health issues through preventive care. 

The decision also came after Rahul reflected on his malnourished childhood and broken healthcare journey. Rahul was born as a twin child, weighing less than 5 lbs. He remained undernourished throughout childhood and suffered through several serious chronic conditions. But as he grew older and realized the power of nutrition, he decided to make a positive change in his health. Many of Rahul's friends and colleagues often come to him to seek advice on health & fitness.

Rahul is a firm believer in the fact that most chronic conditions can be reversed with the help of nutrition & lifestyle changes. He is set out to spread this message so that people like him can achieve their health goals as naturally as possible.

RawRX is a company built for preventive care seekers, by preventive care seekers. Together, we are shifting the paradigm. We are determined to support people in reversing chronic conditions with the help of nutrition. RawRX products and services are not replacements for the care of medical professionals. If your condition is serious and requires immediate attention, we advise that you visit your nearest hospital for examination.

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