Rachel and Pallavi

Are clothes to kill for ?
Rachel and Pallavi never started out to be different; they just wanted to create a line which would embody their beliefs and desires. They desired the woman of today to be smartly dressed at a very affordable price. The designs would be minimalistic, simple silhouettes but the colours would be bold, cuts would be individualistic and the impact would be stunning. As fashion guru Coco Chanel said, “Fashion changes, but style endures”. Rachel & Pallavi are in the business of helping you define who you are and your personal individual style. Allow yourself to feel the joy of dressing up and being you.

When you consider your own style, animal welfare is definitely not the first thing which you think of but while discovering yourself, they will introduce you to many of their beautiful furry friends and the wonderful people working hard to give them wonderful lives. After all, cruelty was never in fashion and people who abuse animals barely stop there. While you will not find a fur trimmed jacket, leather belt or a woolen sweater in their collection, you might just find your own furry mate to own, love or cherish here.

They believe that you will agree that their designs are for people who honour life, love, joy, and the beauties of nature in all its manifestations.
Come on in and take a look…. you might just fall in love again.