What’s Nutrimake all about?
Nutrimake is an easy dissolving plant-based powder that offers complete nourishment for your body and mind. Nutrimake is made with carefully selected ingredients that are minimally processed and provide the right amount of proteins, carbs, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals a human body needs.

Nutrimake was created to give you an easy way to make a super healthy beverage that nourishes you while also lowering your carbon footprint. That’s because they only use sustainable ingredients that require less water and other resources to grow. Yes, they are 100% plant-based and carcinogen free. Exciting, huh?

Why Nutrimake?
The times we live in give us plenty of excuses to skip breakfast, sometimes lunch and even dinner. And we all know that’s not the best thing to do to your body or mind. We get it. Sometimes sitting down for a meal doesn’t cut it with your schedule. Or maybe you just need to get a dose of good nutrients because you’ve been piling on the junk food and been calling it ‘lunch’. Or maybe you need a more accurate way to track the calories you’ve been consuming. And that’s precisely why we made the most delicious and easy way to do all those things!

Nutrimake is the affordable, nutritious option to replace your meals. The bonus is, it takes less than 30 seconds to prepare with our Ready-to-drink blends, faster than the fastest meals available in the market

Nutrimake is also sustainable and is minimally processed, meaning there’s very little loss of nutrition between the raw ingredients and the final product.

Who is it for?
Nutrimake is made with ingredients that nourish everybody irrespective of the age or body type, given the preservative and additive free formulation your body is guaranteed complete nourishment.

If you have skipped meals or have had the urge to, Nutrimake is for you; it makes it easy to have a meal in less than 30 seconds.

If you are someone who counts calories, Nutrimake is for you. It is a perfectly balanced meal.

If you’re into fitness, sports, mountaineering or any other adventure activity, Nutrimake is for you. With superior recovery metrics, Nutrimake makes for an ideal meal post workout.

Nutrimake is for everyone who wants to a quick, worry-free meal. So what are you waiting for? Get nourished and order the flavour that sounds most exciting to you!