Nature Organic

Nature Organic is here to serve you pure organic staples and sumptuous organic health foods. Living foods increase the vital ‘prana’ of the body. Nature Organic helps you consume food that is grown, processed and handled with the intent of adding more life force in your body with every morsel that you take in. If you're passionate about your health, fitness and vitality, get in touch, we will reciprocate with double the passion.

Their motto - Celebrate life, eat healthy & be delicious

WORLD CLASS FACILITY - They have a US FDA registered, ISO 22000 and NPOP, NOP & EU Certified Organic Facility. Whilst they keep their overheads low, they ensure that they spend on being fair to the farmers and consumer confidence.

PLANET FRIENDLY - 100% recyclable packaging. Their Bopp pouches are recycled and their master packing is bio degradable. They are constantly looking for ways to switch to eco friendly solutions. The carbon footprints they build with food transport, they balance with supporting NGOs that grow forests and nurture the planet.

SKIP THE TRAVEL AND QUEUING TIME - More and more Nature Organic Members are skipping the lines for a better way to shop. And as long as they do that, they’ll keep improving, innovating, and doing everything they can do to make their mission a reality: to make organic living easy and affordable for every Indian family.

-Founder Nature Organic-


A certified holistic nutritionist from The School of Natural Health Sciences, London, UK. Sonia is driven by her desire to serve people the best nutrition foods and knowledge on how to stay on top of their health goals through proper Diet & Nutrition.  In her free time, she enjoys long walks, learning more about plants and doing service for the NGO she supports. Sonia is a committee member of the Animal Welfare Board of India, a member of the Indian Council for Food & Agriculture, awardee of the 2018 'Exceptional Women of Excellence' award from the Women Economic Forum and empowered by Walmart under its WEDP programme, 2017. Prior to founding Nature Organic, Sonia worked in the Big4s as a Chartered Accountant in UK & UAE.