Natural Vibes


Natural Vibes is just an extension of my personality and love for Mother Nature and everything natural. I truly believe that ‘Mother Nature’ possesses magnificent power and wisdom to help us live a more wholesome life.

At Natural Vibes we have combined the wisdoms of ancient healing therapies like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy and Plant based ingredients in our product formulations. As, we truly believe that Mother Nature has all the answers for our well-being.

Natural Vibes is not only a product brand but it is a movement towards conservation of Mother Nature. Our mission at Natural Vibes is to care and restore our planet’s beauty by ‘planting trees’ for every product a customer purchases.



The idea of Natural Vibes started off from wanting to form an NGO to give back to mother nature. Later, we realised many such NGO’s were struggling for donations and that was the turning point of our plan. We thought of using our domain of expertise in the beauty industry to make natural products and share the profits from sales for this cause.

It was also my natural instinct from childhood to find answers in nature for all my daily problems and issues, as repeatedly practiced and taught by my mother. I was totally taken aback, when natural remedies helped me get rid of these problems from its core.

While it was not an easy journey to find honest and genuine natural products, I was left disappointed in large number of cases and was a victim to multiple false claims. Natural Vibes came as an answer to help others like myself not to worry about the genuinity, authenticity, misleading label claims and many such issues.