Mason & Co

Bean to Bar - We execute every step of the chocolate making process, from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar.
Farmer Direct - We work directly with farmers to source, harvest & process only the highest quality cacao.
Organic -  All our cacao comes from organic certified farms; we never add preservatives or chemicals to our products.
Single Origin - Our chocolate is made with beans from South India, particularly grown on farms in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
Artisan - All our products are hand-crafted by the amazing all-female Mason & Co workforce.

Founders: Mason & Co was founded by Jane Mason & Fabien Bontems.

When Jane moved to India, being vegan and a lover of good chocolate she found herself in a chocolate drought so the two started to research the cacao industry in India and began to visit farms to understand the local market. They started buying small amounts of beans and making chocolate at home, experimenting with the different beans to assess flavour and quality.

It soon became apparent that there were many other deprived lovers of chocolate in India as friends and family started asking for the home made chocolate. Their love for bean to-bar, organic chocolate saw the business expand from this home laboratory into an artisan factory.