A conglomeration of clear conscience and classy sense of style, Mara Mma is an artwork in itself. An entire spectrum of colors dominated by strong designs and posh fashion statements, having been painted on the canvas of compassionate motives and classy gradiations, with of course a cruelty-free backdrop. Such is the purity of Mara Mma that it extends itself over multiple designs, covering even the most high-end handbags, and yet not losing its sole virtue or purpose. For us, Mara Mma is our way of channeling the love we harbor for both, animals and luxurious fashion, simultaneously.

Mara Mma, what we proudly acquaint ourselves with, has an interesting etymological trace, reflecting the unique founding roots of our brand itself. Mara Mma (pronounced as Murray-Maa), mean the African phrase ‘a beautiful thing, a beautiful soul’. We believe that fashion and cruelty against animals will indeed stand out as the representation of a soulful life value in our daily in if combined into one single thought, one single idea, one single mode of communication, one single brand. This is how Mara Mma came into being.

Brand and fashion sensibility had always been our peaking point and our bags portray an even more vivid picture of the same. Our bags introduce a fresh take on cruelty-conscious consumption, with ample variety in designs and sophisticated themes in the designs. We wanted to bridge the gap that exists between cruelty-free bags and high-end luxurious ones, while we add elements of variety to it to make the whole idea of purchasing a vegan bag appealing as well as pragmatic. For style statements that are not just inherently classy but also visibly plush, Mara Mma has introduced a range of handbags that cater to the raw sentiment of luxury and poise. And, for the sake of our own ethics, the entire range is not made of any animal products.

We have tied up with a number of charities throughout the course of founding Mara Mma, enabling us to better materialize our message on-field. As a result of these tie-ups, a certain percentage of our profits will be donated to any of these charities, as per the consumer’s discretion, and will be used for campaigns against animal cruelty. The charities primarily work for the elimination of ruthless animal slaughter. When you purchase from us, we recognize your power and contribution in saving and improving a life and therefore give you the option of choosing the charity for which you wish to donate. An elegant hand bag and saving a life is a win-win situation indeed!